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The modifications required by US regulators to VW diesel engines designed to cheat emissions tests are more stringent and more effective than in Europe.

In September, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the first national standard for portable emission measurement system (PEMS) testing of heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs). This regulation is a supplement to all existing requirements under the China V standard, and it requires additional on-road PEMS testing for new and in-use China V HDVs.

Compares official laboratory-test and on-road nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions for 541 Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel passenger cars, representing 145 of the most popular European models.


Results of a project by the Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions at West Virginia University to conduct in-use testing of three vehicles, using a portable emissions measurement system, over a variety of test routes.

Publication: Consultant report

Beijing's new local standards to prevent excess NOx emissions from HDVs operating at low-speed in urban conditions make the city the first region in the world to address this deficiency in the Euro IV and V standards.

Publication: Policy update
Last week we published the new edition of our pocketbook of European Vehicle Market Statistics.
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Analyzes the causes of high off-cycle NOx emissions from Euro IV/V heavy vehicles that threaten efforts to improve urban ambient air quality in Europe and in other countries that use the Euro regulation as a pattern, and recommends various measures to address the problem.

Publication: White paper