Ray Minjares

Ray Minjares
Program Lead
Ray Minjares leads the Program on Clean Air at the International Council on Clean Transportation where he distills policy-relevant science of non-CO2 pollutants into best practice policies for the transportation sector. His expertise centers on the climate impacts of black carbon and other short-lived pollutants, as well as methods for assessment of health impacts from vehicle emissions exposure at the global scale. His work has guided the decision making of regulatory officials around the world, including the International Maritime Organization, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the European Commission, the California Air Resources Board, the Chinese Vehicle Emissions Control Center, and the India Auto Fuels Policy Committee. Previously he worked in Washington, DC with the American Cancer Society to develop analytics for measuring mission delivery success, and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute as manager of the National Clean Bus Project. In 2002 Mr. Minjares earned his bachelor’s degree from UCLA with a focus on International Development, Environmental Studies, and Philosophy. In 2007 he earned a masters degree in Public Health with a concentration in health policy and management from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health. He is a native of Los Angeles and now lives in Berkeley, CA.
Office: San Francisco
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