Publications: Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Assesses the application of existing vehicle simulation tools to streamline technology verification and accelerate technology uptake in green freight programs


Examines fuel-saving technologies for new HDVs in India over the next 10 years and explores how the deployment of technologies will impact petroleum consumption and CO2 emissions to 2050


Assesses the future costs of existing and emerging long‑haul tractor‑trailer technologies in China and the implications on efficiency and CO2 standards.


A norma P-8 no Brasil alinhará os padrões de emissões de veículos pesados com a Europa até 2023.


Brazil's P-8 will bring new heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards into alignment with Europe by 2023


Fact sheet regarding the health impacts of emissions from the transportation sector in Germany


Fact sheet regarding the health impacts of emissions from the transportation sector in London


Fact sheet regarding the health impacts of emissions from the transportation sector in Paris


Estimates the impacts of transportation sector emissions on ambient PM2.5 and provides a detailed picture of the global, regional, and local health effects


Analysis considers bus engine technologies and alternative fuels that can contribute to achieving the 10-year and 20-year targets for fleetwide reductions in tailpipe emissions


A análise considera tecnologias para motores e combustíveis alternativos para ônibus que contribuem para o cumprimento dos alvos de 10 e 20 anos para redução de emissões de escapamento da frota


Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation finalized new fuel economy standards for new on-road heavy-duty vehicles as part of the government’s ongoing effort to reduce the country’s petroleum usage and greenhouse gas emissions. 


Statistical portrait of passenger car, light-commercial, and heavy-duty vehicle fleets in the European Union from 2001 to 2017


Survey of how features of Class 7 and 8 tractor trucks are specified for purchase in Canada and the United States


Analysis of the extension of the current CO2 certification procedure for heavy-duty vehicles, to also include trailers


Analysis of the market for new commercial trailers in the European Union in terms of sales by country, manufacturer, and trailer type and a survey of fuel-saving technologies.


New standards to reduce emissions from new on-road heavy-duty vehicles is part of Canada’s economy-wide commitment to reduce GHG emissions 30% by 2030.


Assessment of the health benefits and technology costs of the China VI emission standard.


Puts forward a number of specific recommendations aimed at improving the environmental outcomes of the European Commission's May 2018 proposed initial standards.


Summary of the China VI heavy-duty vehicle standards and a comparison with emission regulations in the other major markets.