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Research or analysis commissioned by ICCT from another organization, typically a private or nonprofit consulting group.

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Experimentally investigates the fuel consumption of a best-in-class tractor-trailer in the United States through chassis dynamometer and track testing.

Experimentally investigates the fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and aerodynamic performance of three European heavy-duty vehicles through chassis dynamometer and track testing.

A consultant report assessing the potential contribution of CO2-based synthetic fuels, including power-to-liquids, to climate mitigation goals in Europe.


Assesses how certain fuel-saving technologies could be implemented in VECTO, the European Union’s tool for the simulation of heavy-duty vehicle efficiency, via generic or vehicle-specific modules.

Publication: Consultant report

Econometric analysis aiming to identify the extent to which the observed reductions in CO2 emissions rates in the Netherlands and the UK can be attributed to CO2-based vehicle taxation.

Publication: Consultant report

Report on a project to investigate emission factors of diesel vehicles in China, conducted by researchers at Tsinghua University with support by the ICCT.

Publication: Consultant report

Vehicle remote sensing involves scanning exhaust emissions using equipment positioned roadside. Potential aims include monitoring effectiveness of emission standards, cross-checking I/M programs, and identifying high emitters.

Publication: Consultant report

Employs ratio-based, deterministic, and stochastic frontier approaches to assess the fuel efficiency of fifteen large jet operators in the United States.

Publication: Consultant report

Reports results of a study to characterize octane production in China, quantify the effects on fuel octane of proposed new limits on the use of manganese in fuels, identify alternatives, and quantify costs.

Publication: Consultant report

Analysis of market barriers to the widespread adoption of off-the-shelf efficiency technologies, including limited availability, lack of credible information about benefits, and uncertainty about the length of payback period.

Publication: Consultant report

Examines key drivers of EV adoption, with an emphasis on vehicle-charging scenarios and infrastructure and an eye toward identifying options that can maximize benefits from greater EV use to both consumers and the grid.

Publication: Consultant report

Reports results of an exercise in modeling the transition to electric drive vehicles, including measuring the costs and benefits, quantifying the transition barriers and network external benefits, and estimating the effects of public policies on the transition process.

Publication: Consultant report