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Research or analysis commissioned by ICCT from another organization, typically a private or nonprofit consulting group.

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Experimentally investigates the fuel consumption of a best-in-class tractor-trailer in the United States through chassis dynamometer and track testing.

Experimentally investigates the fuel consumption, pollutant emissions and aerodynamic performance of three European heavy-duty vehicles through chassis dynamometer and track testing.

A consultant report assessing the potential contribution of CO2-based synthetic fuels, including power-to-liquids, to climate mitigation goals in Europe.


An overview of advanced non-road diesel compliance programs with examples of adopted registration or labeling systems for non-road equipment and compares compliance tools for non-road vehicles with those for heavy-duty vehicles.

Publication: Consultant report

Measures marine BC emissions in the lab and onboard two container ships, one with a modern Tier II main engine and another with an older Tier 0 engine outfitted with an exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS).

Publication: Consultant report

Assesses the market linkages between oils and fats commonly used as biodiesel and renewable diesel feedstocks.

Publication: Consultant report

Reports the results of simulation modeling and "tear-down" cost estimates of vehicle fuel-efficiency technologies, focused on the European fleet and using a 2025 time horizon, performed for the ICCT by the engineering consultancy FEV.

Publication: Consultant report

Summarizes results from on-road testing of seven Euro 6-regulated gasoline and diesel vehicles carried out by Emissions Analytics between 2015 and 2016 concerning emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and particulates.

Publication: Consultant report

Independent, transparent estimates of the incremental benefits and costs of applying fuel-burn-reducing technology packages to new aircraft in the near- and mid-term.

Publication: Consultant report

Legal note from Défense Terre analyzing the U.S. vehicle emissions regulation and associated guidance documentation and proposing areas where the European Union's type approval framework text could benefit from improved language.

Publication: Consultant report

A feasibility study of evaluating real-world CO2 emissions from light duty vehicles using generic simulation models, as a means of extending on-road testing to also cover fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Publication: Consultant report

Explores the potential for improving home collection of used cooking oil for biodiesel production in the EU.

Publication: Consultant report

Prepares a proposal for a set of sustainability criteria that could be integrated into post-2020 EU legislation as a way to guarantee the sustainability of the next phase of the development of alternative fuels in Europe.

Publication: Consultant report