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Overview of vehicle taxation policy across Europe and how governments might induce consumers to opt for low-emission vehicles

Statistical portrait of passenger car, light-commercial, and heavy-duty vehicle fleets in the European Union from 2001 to 2017

This report assesses progress in 2018 toward implementing the Climate and Clean Air Coalition's global strategy to introduce low-sulfur fuels and cleaner diesel vehicles.


Quantifies the gaps in overall in-service fuel-efficiency between U.S. domestic passenger airlines, using publicly available data and accounting for differences in business operations across airlines.

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Surveys emission control strategies for different categories of in-use HDVs, demonstrating that multiple effective solutions exist for most fleets in both developed and developing countries.

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Battery-electric and fuel-cell trucks could be feasible in Europe within little more than a decade. Turning that possibility into reality is crucial to meeting long-term climate goals in the transport sector.

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The ICCT and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace review the state and future of the oil industry as it transitions increasingly from conventional to unconventional resources

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An assessment of policy options, legal issues, costs and benefits.

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此报告关注于中国以及其他新兴市场国家对炼油能力的需求,对应的资本投入需要,以及过渡到超低硫汽油与超低硫柴油以及对汽油柴油进行其它一些改进所需的每升的提炼成本。结果显示,中国全国范围生产含硫量 10ppm 的汽油和柴油的平均增量成本分别为每升0.7美分(0.04人民币)和1.7美分(0.11 人民币)。鉴于许多中国城市的空气污染已经到达警戒水平,而汽车排放污染占了大气污染其中一大部分而且其份额还在继续增加,在全国范围内尽快尽早引入的引入超低硫燃油带来的益处将远远超过这样低廉的成本。

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Profiles China's vehicle fleet, with a focus on market penetration rates of various fuel-efficiency technologies and comparisons to the U.S. and European fleets.

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Evaluates the historical and potential impact of transportation policies on global oil consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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A statistical portrait of passenger car and light commercial vehicle fleets in the European Union from 2001 to 2011

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Assesses the costs of emissions control technologies required to bring light-duty vehicles up to various standards for conventional pollutant emissions in current terms, using both direct and indirect methods to account for technology changes, correct for inflation, and pull in feedback from manufacturers.

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