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Starting January 1, 2021, all new HDVs sold in Mexico will be required to meet the best-in-class, filter-based standards, equivalent to those currently in place in the rest of North America and the European Union. The Euro VI and US 2010 options are introduced in 2019, along with much weaker Euro V and US 2007 options, which are allowed over a two-year transition period. The soot-free standards become the only regulatory option on January 1, 2021.

Provides an overview of how the NEV mandate will work, summarizes major differences between the interim proposal and the final rule, and evaluates potential impacts.

Synopsis of new fuel-efficiency standards for diesel-powered trucks and buses with a gross vehicle weight of 12 tonnes or more that will go into effect beginning 1 April 2018.


Synopsis of proposed new standards that would require new heavy-duty diesel vehicles to meet emissions standards equivalent to those in the United States (EPA 2010) and European Union (Euro VI).

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The proposed standards, which apply to all new and used passenger vehicles and light trucks, will phase in from 2016 through 2020. The standards for new vehicles are patterned after the U.S. CAFE structure and follow the 2012–2016 targets closely, with a three- to four-year delay.

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Overview of the standards that take effect for type approval of new motorcycles in April 2016, and for all motorcycles in April 2017. The standards tighten HC+NOX limits by 23%–60%, and adopt the Worldwide Harmonized Motorcycle Test Cycle as the mandatory test cycle.

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Overview of the political agreement reached by the council in June on the draft of a directive that would amend the fuel quality and renewable energy directives.

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Summarizes the main elements of the proposed implementation rule for the China Phase 3 new passenger car fuel consumption standard (GB 27999-2011), and provides an unofficial translation.

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Summary overview of major aspects and provisions of the regulation.

Publication: Policy update

Provides an overview of the requirements of the final rule, discusses the handful of significant changes from the 2013 proposed rule, and summarizes the overall impacts.

Publication: Policy update

Overview of the major aspects and provisions of the proposed regulation, with comparison to the global context.

Publication: Policy update

Overview of a new nationwide standard requiring that heavy-duty diesel engines for urban vehicles be tested over the World Harmonized Transient Cycle.

Publication: Policy update

Details timelines, including comparison with corresponding vehicle emission standards, reviews recent key changes, and compares China’s standards with multiple international precedents.

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