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Explores some of the compliance pathways available to heavy duty vehicle manufacturers. Specifically, this paper develops hypothetical technology packages for certain types of tractor trucks, vocational vehicles, and trailers using distinct technology strategies compares cost-effectiveness.

Summarizes the key elements of the proposed regulation to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new on-road heavy-duty vehicles, including the major vehicle and equipment categories, estimated costs and benefits, and Canada-specific provisions.

Summarizes the final rulemaking on new Phase 2 standards to reduce HDV fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Together with Phase 1, the increased efficiency of HD trucks and buses will cut fuel use by over one-third by 2050.
Today the U.S.
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As we’ve indicated previously, there is a lot at stake with the proposed U.S. truck efficiency standards.
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With the Obama administration’s proposed truck efficiency rules, nearly everyone is focused on what they will mean for
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Rudolf Diesel in the 1880s said, “The automobile engine will come, and then I will consider my life's work complete.” He clearly knew how big a deal his inve
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In the California Air Resources Board hearing on July 23, 2015, the Board received testimony from stakeholders on how the federal U.S.
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Analyzes the implications of a growing natural gas vehicle fleet on the emission benefits of the U.S. HDV “Phase 2” greenhouse gas rulemaking, synthesizing data on upstream emissions, vehicle emissions, and efficiency technology.

Publication: White paper
The proposed new "Phase 2" standard for heavy-duty vehicle fuel consumption and GHG emissions in the U.S.
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Summarizes proposed new Phase 2 standards to reduce HDV fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Publication: Policy update
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