News reports and features, January 2018

  • Diesel demise? —Deutsche Welle, 1/2/2018
  • Bunker Consumption Failing to Keep Pace With Rising Demand for Shipping —Ship & Bunker, 1/3/2018
  • Revisiting glider truck sale cap could ‘reopen loophole’—Automotive World, 1/4/2018
  • VW whistle blower: Drivers want higher m.p.g's; Trump shouldn't weaken fuel rules —Detroit Free Press, 1/11/2018
  • Consumers want high fuel efficiency standards, and automakers can meet them —Michigan Radio, 1/15/2018
  • Qantas named most polluting transpacific airline —Financial Times, 1/16/2018
  • Qantas worst airline operating across Pacific for CO2 emissions, analysis reveals —The Guardian, 1/16/2018
  • Qantas 'worst major airline' for fuel efficiency on trans-Pacific flights, study suggests —ABC News Australia, 1/16/2018
  • Qantas named most polluting airline across Pacific Ocean —CNBC, 1/17/2018
  • 747, A380 operators rank low on transpacific fuel efficiency —Flight Global, 1/17/2018
  • Cathay Pacific Airways lags behind peers in fuel efficiency while Qantas is worst polluter, study finds —South China Morning Post, 1/17/2018
  • ICCT发布跨太平洋航线燃油效率研究:海航排名第一(图)—CAAC, 1/17/2018
  • Does Anyone Really Need The Airbus A380? —Forbes, 1/17/2018
  • ICCT发布跨太平洋航线燃油效率研,海南航空排名第一 —Sohu, 1/17/2018
  • ICCT发布跨太平洋航线燃油效率研究 海南航空排名第一 —Ifeng News, 1/17/2018
  • ICCT发布跨太平洋航线燃油效率研究 海南航空排名第一 —CNAir, 1/17/2018
  • Taiwan’s EVA Air and China Airlines ranked in the top five most fuel-efficient airlines operating transpacific routes in 2016 —Taiwan News, 1/18/2018
  • カンタス最下位、ANAは1位=燃料効率で —NNA Asia, 1/18/2018
  • "콴타스, 대기오염 가장 많이 일으킨 항공사" ICCT —Newsis, 1/18/2018
  • ICCT发布飞行燃效排名 中国多家航司上榜 —Ifeng News, 1/18/2018
  • Singapore Airlines, one of the least fuel efficient to fly the Pacific —International Business Times, 1/19/2018
  • Europe’s intoxicating love affair with diesel is dying out —Quartz, 1/22/2018
  • Gazole et santé: où en est la recherche? —Le Républicain Lorrain, 1/22/2018
  • ¿Cómo promover el consumo eficiente de combustible en el parque automotor del Perú? —Diario Gestión, 1/23/2018
  • Sea-Tac Airport faces a worsening carbon problem —KUOW News, 1/25/2018
  • Was bringt der WLTP-Zyklus? Währungsschwankungen —Stern, 1/26/2018
  • Qantas 787 Dreamliner takes off fuelled by mustard seed biofuel on Los Angeles-Melbourne flight —Traveller, 1/29/2018
  • More monkey business with Dieselgate – this time, literally —Driving, 1/29/2018
  • "Dieses Diesel-Bashing muss aufhören!" —Sü, 1/30/2018
  • Trucking’s long haul to electrification —Automotive World, 1/31/2018
  • Neue ICCT-Studie: 3400 Euro teurer, aber kaum Umweltnutzen: Dieselmotor lohnt sich nicht mehr —FOCUS Online, 1/31/2018
  • ICCT: Diesel für den Klimaschutz verzichtbar —, 1/31/2018

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