Katherine Blumberg

Katherine Blumberg
Senior Fellow / Regional Lead
Katherine Blumberg is the Mexico Country Lead, Senior Fellow supporting the Clean Air program and leads development on city strategies at the ICCT. Ms. Blumberg has worked with the ICCT since its inception, supporting improved fuel and vehicle regulatory efforts primarily in China, India and Mexico. She is currently focusing on Mexico, both supporting development of light- and heavy-duty fuel economy/GHG standards and moving to world-class conventional pollutant standards. In addition, her ongoing work supports better integration of climate and health science, policy efforts on non-CO2 climate forcers (such as black carbon and f-gases) from the transportation sector, and development of a transportation roadmap to get to dramatically reduced conventional and climate pollutant emissions. Ms. Blumberg holds an M.S. in Energy and Resources and an M.S. in Engineering, with a focus on Air Quality, both from the University of California, Berkeley.
Office: San Francisco, CA
Started w/ ICCT: