Clean Air Researcher, China

The‭ ‬Ke Lin Chuang Si‭ ‬International Clean Transportation Technology Consulting Co‭., ‬Ltd‭. ‬is a‭ ‬wholly foreign owned enterprise of the‭ ‬International Council on Clean Transportation‭, ‬established in 2015‭. ‬The ICCT‭ ‬is an independent nonprofit organization founded to provide first-rate‭, ‬unbiased research and technical and scientific analysis‭ ‬to environmental regulators‭. ‬Our mission is to improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency of road‭, ‬marine‭, ‬and‭ ‬air transportation‭, ‬in order to benefit public health and mitigate climate change‭.‬

Position Summary 

We seek‭ ‬a highly committed‭, ‬self-motivated person to contribute to our research to reduce emissions from heavy duty and‭ ‬diesel engines‭ ‬in China‭. ‬ We expect the successful candidate to work‭ ‬on‭ ‬a range of‭ ‬projects and tasks including policy analysis‭, ‬vehicle testing and data analysis that are useful tools to support policy making‭, ‬and‭ ‬also‭ ‬take on other projects as the need arises‭.‬

Major Position Responsibilities

  • Lead research and critical assessments of best practice policies and strategies for reducing real-world‭ ‬conventional and GHG‭ ‬emissions‭ (‬such as CO2‭, ‬NOx‭, ‬and PM‭) ‬from heavy-duty vehicles and other diesel engines‭ ‬including new emission standards‭, ‬in-use emission control measures‭, ‬detailed technical guidance and‭ ‬testing protocols‭, ‬strong‭ ‬compliance and enforcement‭, ‬complementary policies‭ ‬in the Chinese transportation sector‭;‬‭ ‬Write concise‭ ‬summaries of newly introduced policies and best practices‭ ‬in China and worldwide.
  • Lead‭ ‬emission-testing‭ ‬projects related to heavy-duty vehicles or diesel engines‭. ‬Work effectively with testing laboratories in and outside China to design and perform emission tests‭, ‬analyze test data‭ ‬and write technical reports and high-level recommendations‭.
  • Respond to‭ ‬time-sensitive inquiries received from vehicle regulators in China‭, ‬US‭, ‬and other markets.
  • Support and implement outreach strategies to communicate our‭ ‬work‭, ‬activities may include‭ ‬presenting research findings‭ ‬in a wide range of‭ ‬domestic and‭ ‬international policy‭ ‬fora‭, ‬organizing‭ ‬workshops‭, ‬writing blog posts‭, ‬and other communication‭ ‬activities‭ ‬within China and elsewhere.
  • Nurture and maintain positive‭, ‬effective working relationships‭ ‬with respected international experts‭, ‬Chinese government officials‭, ‬and local organizations‭. ‬Facilitate international collaboration‭ ‬with other government agencies and research institutions‭.‬
  • Collaborate with ICCT staff on emerging projects based on need‭.‬

Minimum Qualifications

  • Master's‭ ‬or higher‭ ‬degree in‭ ‬automotive engineering‭, ‬mechanical engineer‭, ‬environmental engineering or relevant interdisciplinary programs‭; ‬
  • In-depth knowledge of HDV and diesel engines‭, ‬emission reduction‭ ‬and fuel efficiency‭ ‬technologies‭ ‬for new and in-use engines‭.‬‭ ‬
  • Minimum of‭ ‬2‭ ‬years of‭ ‬relevant‭ ‬work experience‭ ‬and‭ ‬experience with‭ ‬vehicle emission testing‭;‬ 
  • Excellent‭, ‬demonstrated quantitative‭, ‬analytical‭, ‬and research skills‭;‬
  • Familiarity with vehicle emission control and‭ ‬efficiency policies preferred‭;‬
  • Ability to lead and/or implement research projects independently‭;‬
  • Ability to‭ ‬manage‭ ‬multiple‭ ‬priorities‭;‬
  • Strong interpersonal skills plus proven competency and interest in working in an international environment with a highly‭ ‬diverse employee population‭;‬
  • Strong English and Chinese communication skills‭, ‬in both written and verbal formats‭;‬
  • Great organizational and collaboration skills‭, ‬combined with flexibility and a positive attitude‭;‬
  • Demonstrated interest in climate change‭, ‬air quality‭, ‬energy‭, ‬environment‭, ‬public health‭, ‬or related topics‭, ‬plus familiarity with environmental testing and energy challenges in the transportation sector preferred‭; ‬and
  • Some domestic‭ (‬within China‭) ‬and international travel required‭.‬

Position Details

This position will be based in our Beijing‭, ‬China office‭ ‬with some domestic and‭ ‬international‭ ‬travel‭, ‬and possibly short working periods‭ ‬in‭ ‬the‭ ‬US‭. ‬The position reports to ICCT’s China regional lead‭. ‬We offer‭ ‬a mission-driven‭, ‬egalitarian‭, ‬culturally diverse workplace where intelligence‭, ‬flexibility‭, ‬transparency‭, ‬and good humor are highly valued‭. ‬ We offer an excellent benefits package‭, ‬including employer-paid health insurance for the employee‭, ‬substantial paid vacation‭, ‬and other benefits‭. ‬ Salary‭ ‬TBD based on experience and education‭.‬


To apply‭, ‬please send resume‭, ‬a cover letter with salary expectations‭, ‬short‭ ‬writing samples‭ (‬up to 10‭ ‬pages‭)‬‭ ‬in both Chinese and English‭, ‬and three professional references‭ (‬all documents as attachments‭) ‬to‭ ‬‭ ‬and‭ ‬‭ ‬‭(‬subject line‭: ‬“China CA Researcher”‭). ‬ Preference will be given to‭ ‬candidates whose cover letters directly address the position being offered‭. ‬ This is an immediate opening and the position will remain open until filled‭. ‬ Applicants without the supplemental materials will receive less consideration‭. ‬No calls and no recruiters‭, ‬please‭. ‬ EOE‭.‬
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