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Summarizes existing regulatory practices and develops design principles to adapt vehicle efficiency standards in the 2020–2030 time frame to enable a transition to zero-emission vehicles over the 2030–2050 time frame

Analysis of the extension of the current CO2 certification procedure for heavy-duty vehicles, to also include trailers


A transparent assessment of the current new passenger vehicle market in South Africa in terms of CO2 emissions, and provides an evaluation of the benefits of adopting fuel economy and CO2 emission standards in those vehicles.

Publication: White paper

Investigated the impacts of updating three standards in Mexico to align with the international best practices employed in the rest of North America: gasoline and diesel sulfur standards, passenger vehicle emissions standards, and truck and bus emissions standards. 

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Can’t get enough of zombie movies? Well, get ready for a real-life version. Scott Pruitt’s EPA is bringing the oldest and dirtiest diesel engines back from the dead—but disguising them in a shiny new host body. How?
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It's not the most important or even the worst thing about the Pruitt EPA's propo
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Sales of battery electric buses (BEBs) are surging in major cities around the world.
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Survey-based summary of regulatory agencies' programs to monitor and enforce compliance with vehicle emission and fuel consumption standards.

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Addresses several common misconceptions about light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards and focuses on Australia’s proposed light-vehicle CO2 standards and the effects they may or may not have on Australian motorists.

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The Volkswagen Group (including Audi and
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