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Summarizes existing regulatory practices and develops design principles to adapt vehicle efficiency standards in the 2020–2030 time frame to enable a transition to zero-emission vehicles over the 2030–2050 time frame

Analysis of the extension of the current CO2 certification procedure for heavy-duty vehicles, to also include trailers


Evaluates the costs incurred by manufacturers of diesel engines used in non-road vehicles and equipment for emission reduction technologies needed to comply with increasingly stringent standards.

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On June 28, China officially released the China VI emission standard for new heavy-duty vehicles, which is equivalent to, or in some aspects even more s
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In order to promote the uptake of electrified vehicles, the European Commission included targets for zero-and low-emission vehicles (ZLEV) in its recent regulatory proposal for the time period up to 2030.
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Fact sheet on the TRUE rating system, which measures real world emissions from various vehicle models under a wide range of operating conditions and driving behaviors.

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Under the Bharat Stage VI and V standards, India will achieve significant reductions of NOx and PM from agricultural tractors and construction equipment.

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This position brief makes specific recommendations regarding the adoption of RDE testing in India. The recommendations are geared towards ensuring that implementation of an Indian RDE program would narrow the gap between laboratory and on-road emissions performance of vehicles that should meet Bharat Stage (BS) VI emissions standards. 

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A regulatory proposal in the European Union would set mandatory CO2 limits for the heavy-duty vehicle (HDV) categories with the highest share of emissions. This breifing summarizes key findings and policy recommendations from recent ICCT research, including technology baseline and cost-effective CO2 reduction potential for long-haul tractor-trailers, the highest-emitting vehicle category.

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