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Identifies adoption barriers and summarizes policy approaches for states, cities, and utilities to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in ride-hailing fleets.

Assesses the timing of cost-effectively electrifying shared mobility fleets in U.S. cities, with a focus on ride-hailing fleets based on total cost of operation for conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles in the U.S.

A concise introduction to the use of remote sensing in regulating and controlling pollution from on-road vehicles.


Summary of the China VI heavy-duty vehicle standards and a comparison with emission regulations in the other major markets.

Publication: Policy update

Testing shows CO and NOx emissions from China 5 gasoline cars are not properly controlled under real-world driving conditions.

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The European Commission recently released a regulatory proposal for setting the first ever CO2 emission standards for new heavy-duty vehicles sold in the European Union.

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Summarizes the key elements of both new regulations (the new type-approval framework and amendment to regulation EU 2017/1151) and provides references for further reading for those interested in more details.

Publication: Policy update

Assesses where electric vehicles and their batteries are manufactured and sold, and the underlying policies in place to sustain growth in the new technology around the world.

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In August and again in December of last year, I was asked to speak about the implications of the surprising surge in public announcements of future bans on certain types of vehicles. At the time, I split these bans in two groups.
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Analyzes the U.S. off-cycle credit program within the 2025 greenhouse gas and fuel economy regulations, including how the off-cycle credits were used in model years 2015 and 2016, trends among automakers with the most credits, and the impact of greater credit use through 2025.

Publication: White paper

A summary of Canada’s proposed federal clean fuel standard structure based on proposals from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the potential impacts of not addressing indirect land-use change.

Publication: Policy update

A workshop on incentives to promote the import of cleaner and more efficient vehicles in Peru.