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Identifies adoption barriers and summarizes policy approaches for states, cities, and utilities to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles in ride-hailing fleets.

Assesses the timing of cost-effectively electrifying shared mobility fleets in U.S. cities, with a focus on ride-hailing fleets based on total cost of operation for conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles in the U.S.

A concise introduction to the use of remote sensing in regulating and controlling pollution from on-road vehicles.


Synopsis of ICCT's recently completed comprehensive assessment of vehicle emission control measures in India, setting Indian policy options in the context of international experience and consensus best practice.

Publication: Briefing

An analysis of the prospects for improving alignment of various HDV efficiency programs worldwide, with the aim of accelerating technology development and promoting technology adoption in the global market. 

Publication: Consultant report

A workshop for the technical team behind China’s light-duty vehicle fuel consumption regulation and major Chinese auto manufacturers focusing on technologies and costs to reduce car fuel consumption to meet China’s 2020 target.


Amendments to Europe’s FQD and RED will address indirect land use change and limit support for food-based biofuels.

Publication: Policy update

Regulations to reduce GHG emissions are driving a flood of investment in industries and innovative technologies that fuel economic growth while attacking the global problem of inefficient use of expensive, polluting oil.

Publication: Report

Summarizes differences between size-based and mass-based vehicle standards and discusses their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Publication: White paper

Provides background information on U.S. heavy-duty vehicle fleet characteristics and identifies issues relevant to the design and implementation of fuel economy and GHG regulations.

Publication: Report

Distills best practices in heavy-duty emissions controls from the EU, U.S., and Japan into a single regulatory program suitable for adoption by interested countries.

Publication: White paper

An initial assessment of the current situation and regulatory environment for two- and three-wheeled vehicles, and options for control.

Publication: White paper