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Jennifer Brodskaya

Published 2019.02.20: Profile

Assessing ride-hailing company commitments to electrification

This briefing assesses electric vehicle adoption among five of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies. It discusses company-specific electric vehicle adoption, examines plans for future growth,...
Published 2019.02.20: Publication

Researcher, India

Position Summary The ICCT seeks a highly committed, self-motivated person to contribute to our research to reduce vehicle emissions and improve efficiency of light and heavy duty vehicles in India...
Published 2019.02.19: Job Posting

Transitioning away from heavy fuel oil in Arctic shipping

As Arctic shipping increases, pressure is mounting to protect the environment from fuels that are harmful when burned and spilled, including heavy fuel oil (HFO). Presently, the IMO is working to...
Published 2019.02.18: Publication

Turbulence ahead for the supersonic renaissance

The UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets internal standards and practices governing civil aviation worldwide, wrapped up its 11th triannual environmental committee (CAEP/...The Trump administration’s push to fast track supersonic development just had a mid-air collision with environmental realities.  Turbulent times lie ahead for commercial supersonic manufacturers.
Published 2019.02.17: Blog Post

ICCT announces new collaboration with Hainan Province

On January 15, 2019, the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and the International Council on Clean Transportation formally agreed to collaborate in promoting clean, sustainable,...
Published 2019.02.07: News

Internship: China Electric Vehicle Policy Research and Vehicle Emission Data Analysis

The ICCT office in San Francisco seeks a highly self-motivated, enthusiastic individual to contribute primarily to research projects on electric vehicle technology and policies to promote vehicle...
Published 2019.02.07: Job Posting

Clean Freight and Logistics Researcher, Beijing Office | 清洁物流项目研究员 北京办公室

Primary Responsibilities Overall: Support research projects on emerging issues at the intersection of clean vehicle technology, operations, mode strategies and environmental policy making with a...
Published 2019.02.07: Job Posting

Request for Proposals: Implementing open smart charging infrastructure

Summary This request for proposals seeks an experienced consulting group or individual with demonstrated expertise in electric vehicle smart charging infrastructure to collaborate with, and conduct...
Published 2019.02.05: News

Climate and air pollutant emissions benefits of bus technology options in São Paulo

Portuguese version In January 2018, the city of São Paulo, Brazil, adopted Law 16.802, an amendment to its Climate Change Law that sets 10-year and 20-year targets for fleetwide reductions in...
Published 2019.02.01: Publication

Benefícios de tecnologias de ônibus em termos de emissões de poluentes do ar e do clima em São Paulo

English version Em janeiro de 2018, a cidade de São Paulo, Brasil, adotou a Lei 16.802, uma amenda a sua Lei de Mudanças Climáticas que estabelece metas para os prazos de 10 e 20 anos de reduções...
Published 2019.02.01: Publication

Fact sheet: International policy impacts on palm oil in Indonesia

Global demand for palm oil has been growing rapidly, with worldwide imports almost tripling since 2000. Indonesia produces 51% of international palm oil and palm kernel oil imports. While overall...
Published 2019.01.30: Publication

International policy and market drivers of Indonesian palm oil demand

Indonesia produces roughly half of all palm oil and palm kernel oil globally. Palm oil has a variety of uses in food, animal feed, oleochemicals, and other industrial purposes. One significant use of...
Published 2019.01.30: Publication

The environmental and health impacts of a new generation of supersonic aircraft could be immense

Parts of Western Europe and North America could experience sonic booms every 5 minutes Emerging commercial supersonic aircraft could create severe environmental and health impacts by 2035 if plans...
Published 2019.01.30: News

Neue Generation von Überschall-Flugzeugen mit erheblichen Auswirkungen auf Umwelt und Gesundheit

Ein Wiederaufleben der kommerziellen Überschall-Luftfahrt könnte in den kommenden Jahren auch in Europa zu erheblichen negativen Umwelt- und Gesundheitsauswirkungen führen, sofern aktuelle Pläne von...
Published 2019.01.30: News

Noise and climate impacts of an unconstrained commercial supersonic network

This paper estimates the environmental impacts of reintroducing commercial supersonic transport (SST) aircraft into the global aviation fleet. We model the landing and takeoff (LTO) noise, sonic boom...
Published 2019.01.30: Publication

Second-phase fuel economy standards for on-road heavy-duty vehicles in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation finalized new fuel economy standards for new on-road heavy-duty vehicles as part of the government’s ongoing effort to reduce the country’...
Published 2019.01.28: Publication

Digital Communications Associate

The International Council on Clean Transportation seeks a creative and tech-savvy associate to join the communications team in its Washington, DC, office. This individual will have a significant role...
Published 2019.01.25: Job Posting


The International Council on Clean Transportation seeks a versatile, enterprising editor to join the communications team in its Washington, DC, office. The ICCT is a non-profit research group that...
Published 2019.01.25: Job Posting

Deputy Director

The Deputy Director will serve as a close partner to the Executive Director in the development and implementation of the organization’s program strategies. S/he will also work with the Chief...
Published 2019.01.25: Job Posting