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Travelcard Nederland BV datasource document: Fuel consumption of Dutch passengers cars in business use 2004-2012

Travelcard Nederland BV offers a fuel card system that can be used at any gas station in the Netherlands and at more than 33,000 fuel stops across Europe. About 200,000 vehicles, out of the 8 million...
Published 2013.08.05: Publication

GHG Emission Reduction Potential of LDV Technologies in the EU, 2020-2025

The ICCT contracted with Ricardo, Inc., to assess the effectiveness of future light-duty vehicle technologies on vehicle performance and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The scope of the project was...
Published 2012.11.05: Publication

Light-Duty Vehicle Technology Cost Analysis: European Vehicle Market

The ICCT contracted with FEV (Aachen, Germany / Auburn Hills, USA) to define the net incremental costs for a set of advanced light-duty vehicle technologies for the European vehicle market. Since the...
Published 2012.11.05: Publication