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Fuel-efficiency technology trend assessment for LDVs in China: Transmission technology

This working paper assesses technology progress and new developments in transmissions in China. The conventional automatic transmission is the most popular non-manual transmission technology in...
Published 2018.09.17: Publication

Technology uptake, costs, and benefits under a next-phase passenger car efficiency program in Brazil

Brazil is the sixth largest market for new passenger vehicles worldwide and the largest market in Latin America. As of 2013, passenger vehicles sold in Brazil have adopted fewer fuel-saving...
Published 2017.03.27: Publication

International Workshop on Technology and Policy Solutions for Energy-Efficient and Low Carbon Light-Duty Vehicles

High-level government officials from China’s key ministries responsible for setting fuel economy standards for the country, over 70 experts from semi-governmental research agencies, the academy, NGOs...
Published 2014.06.19: Event