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2014 fuel price turbulence didn’t pull the plug on EVs

Among the biggest stories of 2014 was the crash in global oil prices. Just when it looked like the world had started to take $100/barrel oil for granted, prices plunged by 50 percent. Some speculated...The global vehicle market continued its strong uptake of EVs in 2014, despite the collapse in oil price. 
Published 2015.04.28: Blog Post


在之前发布的全球电动汽车激励政策研究中,我们对2012和2013年12个地区的电动汽车市场份额及财税激励政策进行排名。今年上半年,随着部分旧政策的失效和新政策的发布,我们观察到电动汽车市场发生的一些变化(见下图)。 2012–2014 年12个地区的电动汽车销量 在2014年的上半年,中国的电动汽车销售量有了明显提升,无论是纯电动汽车还是混合动力车,前6个月的销量均已超过2013年全年的销量。...2014年上半年中国电动汽车销量明显提升,近期各项新政的出台再次给电动车市场的扩张强有力的支持。此外,世界两大电动车市场发生了有趣的变化,瑞典的电动车销量陡然上升,其他市场较为稳定。原因为何?我们观察了几个比较有趣的市场。
Published 2014.08.20: Blog Post

Electric vehicle markets have their ups and downs (2014 YTD update)

In this study published earlier this year we ranked electric-vehicle market shares in 12 regions in 2012 and 2013 and summarized tax credits and other incentives available to EV buyers. But policies...The first six months of 2014 saw an interesting divergence in the top two EV markets, a big sales jump in Sweden, and steady-state to modest market growth elsewhere. So, what's going on? Let's take a...
Published 2014.08.11: Blog Post


尽管2013年新能源汽车 (即电动汽车)的销售量超过17500辆,在近期一篇ICCT的研究中,中国的电动汽车市场在研究的11个国家中发展较为缓慢:相对于中国庞大且飞速增长的机动车市场,轻型电动汽车占乘用车销售量的比例仅不到0.1%。其中,纯电动汽车(BEV)占轻型新能源车市场的80%,远远高于插电式混合动力车(PHEV)。此外,中国市场上的大部分轻型电动汽车为政府公务车和出租车,而并非私人购买。...中国需要深入了解不同激励措施的角色及其可能引发的市场反馈。建立综合的电动汽车发展战略不仅可以支持电动汽车早期引入,也为长期电动汽车向成熟市场进军做准备。
Published 2014.05.07: Blog Post

If subsidies are no panacea, how to incentivize electric vehicles in China?

Even with more than 17,500 electric vehicles (EVs) sold in 2013, China is among the slower EV markets of the eleven examined in a recent ICCT study: light-duty EVs amount to less than 0.1 percent of...China needs a better understanding of the roles of different incentives and the corresponding market response. A comprehensive EV strategy must support not only early adopters but also a long-term...
Published 2014.05.06: Blog Post

Fiscal incentives spurring electric vehicles sales, but in widely divergent ways

Electric vehicle sales worldwide in 2013 approximately doubled from 2012 levels, to about 200,000. But that global trend masks significant variation in sales and growth rates across the major auto...
Published 2014.05.06: News

Driving electrification: A global comparison of fiscal policy for electric vehicles

This study is the first to evaluate the response to fiscal incentives that governments in major vehicle markets worldwide have deployed to promote plug-in electric vehicles. It offers a synthesis of...
Published 2014.05.05: Publication

Renewed and enhanced subsidies for energy-efficient vehicles in China

In order to increase the market share of clean, energy-efficient, advanced technology vehicles, the Chinese government offers various fiscal incentives (“market-pull” measures) to complement...
Published 2013.11.22: Publication

Integrating electric vehicles with the grid

Summarizes a study of key drivers of electric vehicle adoption, with an emphasis on vehicle-charging scenarios and infrastructure and an eye toward identifying options that can maximize benefits from...
Published 2013.09.23: Publication