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Sustainability criteria for biofuels made from land and non-land based feedstocks

As part of the European Climate Foundation's Biofrontiers project, the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) was asked to prepare a proposal for a set of sustainability criteria that...
Published 2016.05.09: Publication

Solar farms, energy yields and indirect land use change

In the past month, there has been a ripple of interest through the UK media about the loss of agricultural land to solar farms (large installations of photovoltaic cells), for instance this article ...Some commentators in the UK have expressed concern about agricultural land being lost to solar panels - but is solar iLUC really worth worrying about?
Published 2014.08.08: Blog Post

Environmental burden shifting and sustainability criteria for biofuels

Biofuels are here for three reasons – climate change mitigation, energy security and to increase rural incomes. The supposed climate change mitigation potential of biofuels comes with the idea that...Biofuels policies are normally justified as global warming mitigation measures, as well as having benefits for energy security and rural development. However, intensive agricultural production...
Published 2012.03.26: Blog Post

UK: Draft RTFO amendment order

The UK's Department for Transport last week laid in Parliament the draft order to implement the road-transport biofuel elements of the European Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive (...
Published 2011.11.28: News

Estimating Displacement Ratios of Wheat DDGS in Animal Feed Rations in Great Britain

Much previous work on this subject has been based on simple assessments of the comparative protein and energy content of distillers’ grains. In reality, however, livestock diets are formulated based...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

Summary report on low-carbon fuel standards

This paper provides a summary overview of low carbon fuel-related standards in various stages of development and implementation worldwide. These standards represent an important step in curbing GHG...
Published 2009.10.04: Publication