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Lightweighting technology development and trends in U.S. passenger vehicles

The technology assessments conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to inform the 2017–2025 passenger vehicle fuel economy and...
Published 2016.12.19: Publication

Live from New York, it’s vehicle efficiency!

Beneath all the polish, glitz, and raw horsepower of the New York International Auto Show is a lot of very cool technology. In case you missed it, the first new Alfa Romeo to be offered in the U.S....What role are high-volume 2014 models going to play in automakers’ efforts to meet new CAFE standards? Well, the new sedans are already greatly outperforming the CAFE targets, two years early. And...
Published 2014.04.25: Blog Post

A new era in vehicle design and manufacturing

The 2015 F150 pickup truck unveiled by Ford at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is perhaps the most significant vehicle redesign introduced in the last century. The Toyota Prius may be just as significant...How big a deal is the 2015 F-150 with its aluminum body and lightweight frame? Think Model T.
Published 2014.01.14: Blog Post

Incentivizing passenger vehicle mass reduction technologies in China

As China rolls out more stringent fuel-efficiency standards for new passenger cars at an accelerated pace, regulators are looking at feasible near- to mid-term (2015–2020) fuel-saving technologies...
Published 2013.11.27: Publication

Mass reduction impacts on EU cost curves

This paper discusses the impacts of new vehicle mass reduction data on CO2 benefit and cost curves for EU light-duty vehicles in the 2020–2025 timeframe. This paper is the third in a series, with the...
Published 2013.02.04: Publication

Evaluation of parameter-based vehicle emissions targets in the EU

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission performance standards for new passenger cars in the European Union are indexed to vehicle weight. But the regulation defining the long-term target of 95 g/km to be met...
Published 2011.07.21: Publication

Size or Mass? The Technical Rationale for Selecting Size as an Attribute for Vehicle Efficiency Standards

Vehicle efficiency standards defined by governments worldwide are indexed to either size or weight, setting less stringent targets for larger or heavier vehicles so as to reduce competitive impacts...
Published 2010.08.04: Publication