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A new era in vehicle design and manufacturing

The 2015 F150 pickup truck unveiled by Ford at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show is perhaps the most significant vehicle redesign introduced in the last century. The Toyota Prius may be just as significant...How big a deal is the 2015 F-150 with its aluminum body and lightweight frame? Think Model T.
Published 2014.01.14: Blog Post

Another tale of two cities

The Conference of Parties (COP19) in Warsaw last November saw at best modest progress toward a global pact on curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Countries have until the first quarter of 2015 to...By the time Paris welcomes participants to the COP20 in 2015, International Maritime Organisation delegates in London may have already have made significant new progress toward controlling GHGs from...
Published 2014.01.03: Blog Post

Measuring in-use fuel economy: Summary of pilot studies

Vehicle fuel economy is determined via a type-approval or certification process, which involves testing vehicles under laboratory conditions. But the information obtained via chassis testing under...
Published 2013.12.06: Publication

HDV efficiency: Aligning standards internationally, Part II

This will be the second in a series on heavy-duty vehicle efficiency, aiming at aligning HDV policies and fostering ongoing collaboration on global transport policies. The outcomes and...
Published 2013.12.03: Event

EU Vehicle Market Statistics, 2013 Pocketbook

The ICCT recently published the 2013 edition of its European Vehicle Market Statistics Pocketbook (see here). In this webinar, Peter Mock, managing director of ICCT Europe and editor of the...
Published 2013.11.26: Event

Renewed and enhanced subsidies for energy-efficient vehicles in China

In order to increase the market share of clean, energy-efficient, advanced technology vehicles, the Chinese government offers various fiscal incentives (“market-pull” measures) to complement...
Published 2013.11.22: Publication

European vehicle market statistics, 2013

Update: The 2014 edition of the EU Pocketbook is now available here. The European Vehicle Market Statistics Pocketbook offers an annually updated, statistical portrait of passenger car and light...
Published 2013.10.28: Publication

Expanding ship efficiency across the maritime fleet

This webinar summarizes a recent ICCT study on the potential for increased shipping efficiency through adoption of industry-leading practices in the maritime fleet. That study was a novel analysis...
Published 2013.09.19: Event

U.S. domestic airline fuel efficiency ranking, 2010

Aviation plays a vital role in the modern global economy, but it is a significant and growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, and of oil demand. GHG emissions from aviation are projected to...
Published 2013.09.10: Publication

Evaluating air carrier fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions in the U.S. airline industry

In light of volatile fuel prices, rising concern over climate change, and the global economic importance of aviation, developing the capability to evaluate airline fuel efficiency is critical. Policy...
Published 2013.09.10: Publication

HDV efficiency: Aligning standards internationally, Part I

The workshop will be a technical dialogue on benefits and challenges of crediting powertrain technologies in fuel efficiency standards, and feasibility and cost of various physical testing and...
Published 2013.09.04: Event

The time is ripe for truck efficiency in the U.S.

The trucking industry is primed for major efficiency improvements in the years ahead. The Obama administration has made heavy-duty vehicle efficiency a centerpiece of its Climate Action Plan, looking...Innovative technologies are coming into the heavy-duty fleet, but more could be done to reduce barriers to wider adoption.
Published 2013.07.31: Blog Post

Barriers to adoption of fuel-efficiency technologies in the North American on-road freight sector

This study paves new ground in its diverse, expansive coverage of the Class 7 and 8 tractor-trailer fleet. Using phone, focus group, and on-line survey methods, the authors interviewed nearly 1,900...
Published 2013.07.29: Publication

Consumers, shipping, and our carbon footprint

Do you ever wonder about the carbon footprint of the goods that you purchase from overseas? Well, we at the ICCT definitely do wonder about these things, and it turns out that the carbon footprint...The carbon footprint of goods you purchase from overseas can vary quite a bit, not only with how far away the goods came from but also with the ship they were carried on.
Published 2013.07.23: Blog Post

Long-term potential for increased shipping efficiency

Maritime shipping is highly fuel-efficient, but its sheer volume and rapid growth make it a major consumer of energy and source of carbon emissions. As the shipping industry and governments seek ways...
Published 2013.07.23: Publication

EU rules affecting HDV configurations

On April 15, 2013, the European Commission proposed new amendments to heavy-duty vehicle regulations that would permit more aerodynamic vehicle designs with improved energy efficiency and emissions...
Published 2013.06.24: Publication

Assessment of shipping’s efficiency using satellite AIS data

International shipping is commonly considered the most efficient and lowest-carbon transport mode, and is also seen as having significant potential remaining to reduce emissions still further. This...
Published 2013.04.09: Publication

Light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standard development and technology assessment

China released the 2015 fuel consumption standards for passenger cars in 2010, and is currently finalizing the implementation rule. The China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) is...
Published 2012.12.26: Event

Global transportation energy and climate roadmap

This report evaluates the impact of transportation policies on worldwide oil consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the potential for reductions in both out to 2030. It finds that...
Published 2012.12.01: Publication

Market barriers to increased efficiency in the European on-road freight sector

There are several technical and operational measures available to improve the fuel efficiency of truck fleets, but many of these measures are currently not universally implemented. Even cost-...
Published 2012.11.21: Publication