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Will new U.S. truck standards bring “SuperTrucks” to the market?

As we’ve indicated previously, there is a lot at stake with the proposed U.S. truck efficiency standards. This was made even more evident by the input from many stakeholders at the recent EPA and...Compared with the U.S. Deptarment of Energy SuperTruck demonstrations, just how “Super” are the proposed US tractor-trailer standards for model year 2027? Not very.
Published 2015.08.31: Blog Post

What is at stake in the U.S. truck efficiency rule

In the California Air Resources Board hearing on July 23, 2015, the Board received testimony from stakeholders on how the federal U.S. rulemaking on heavy-duty vehicle efficiency might change. One of...The proposed rule is expected to reduce GHG emissions 150 MMT/year by 2040, and cut oil use in the U.S. by over a 1M bbl/day. But how much further might it go?
Published 2015.08.12: Blog Post

Market analysis of heavy-duty vehicles in India

The Government of India has begun the formal process of considering regulation of the fuel efficiency of new trucks and buses. In any regulatory development process, a thorough understanding of the...
Published 2015.08.10: Publication

Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Standards for India

India is currently considering establishing fuel efficiency regulation for new trucks and buses. In this webinar, the ICCT will present the latest analysis of HDV sales in India in terms of...
Published 2015.07.21: Event

Cleaning up big trucks to deliver a cleaner future

[Originally published on HuffPost Green] Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our...Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our nation's carbon footprint.
Published 2015.06.24: Blog Post

5 numbers you need to know about the proposed U.S. truck efficiency rule

Today the U.S. Environment Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for heavy-duty vehicle fuel-efficiency and...It's a complex proposal, and will take some time to fully digest, but some of the highlights regarding the complexity, the technology improvements, and the benefits are immediately clear. Here is the...
Published 2015.06.19: Blog Post

Truckin’.exe: Using computer simulations to certify the fuel efficiency of trucks

A couple of months ago we published a paper looking at differences in efficiency between EU, US, and Chinese trucks, and we theorized that the adoption of efficiency technologies is likely slower in...A global, harmonized tool for HDV efficiency computer simulations would highly desirable, because it would improve the quality and comparability of data and reduce costs for both regulators and...
Published 2015.06.04: Blog Post

Global Green Freight Action Plan launched

The Global Green Freight Action Plan was officially launched yesterday, 27 May 2015, at the International Transport Forum's 2015 Annual Summit in Leipzig, Germany. The Action Plan is a product of...
Published 2015.05.28: News

Japan light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022

In March, an advisory committee to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) finalized new fuel economy standards for...
Published 2015.04.28: Publication

Testing methods for heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency: Trends and implications for India

A number of countries, including Japan, the U.S., Canada, and China, have implemented regulations to control heavy-duty vehicle fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the European Union...
Published 2015.04.27: Publication

Eighteen wheels and ten miles per gallon

Over the past generation, a lot has changed for the workhorse of American freight-hauling, the eighteen-wheel big rig, officially known as the Class 8 long-haul tractor-trailer. One thing that hasn't...The average long-haul tractor-trailer on U.S. highways gets the same 6 miles per gallon of diesel that it did decades ago. But there are clear signs that that, finally, is about to change.
Published 2015.04.21: Blog Post

Cost effectiveness of advanced efficiency technologies for long-haul tractor-trailers in the 2020–2030 timeframe

As U.S. regulatory agencies work on the second phase of heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel-efficiency standards, a key question concerns the payback periods of various...
Published 2015.04.21: Publication

Advanced tractor-trailer efficiency technology potential in the 2020–2030 timeframe

As U.S. regulatory agencies work on the second phase of heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) and efficiency standards, one key issue is understanding how available and emerging technologies might...
Published 2015.04.20: Publication

When will heavy-duty pickups and vans compete on efficiency too?

If you live in the U.S., you've seen commercials for pickup trucks trumpeting “best-in-class” horsepower, towing, and payload capability. Get ready for a new trend in marketing pickups, as the...Nobody really knows the fuel economy of new commercial pickups and vans, because manufacturers aren't required to publicly disclose it. But that could be about to change, with Phase 2 of the US...
Published 2015.04.20: Blog Post

Regulatory considerations for advancing commercial pickup and van efficiency technology in the United States

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration are at work on the second phase of greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and...
Published 2015.04.20: Publication

Green freight programs and technology verification

Voluntary “green freight” programs have been established in a number of countries and regions, with the goal of increasing the fuel efficiency (and reducing GHG emissions) of trucking fleets and...
Published 2015.04.03: Publication

Workshop on Heavy-Duty Fuel Efficiency Regulations

The ICCT is playing a support role in developing the program and organizing logistics.   A final overview and presentations from the workshop can be accessed here
Published 2015.02.24: Event

More efficient new Ford F150: A shift from the old horsepower wars?

Ford released the official fuel economy label values for the 2015 aluminum-body Ford F150 this week and the general response from the media was disappointment. But Ford had much broader goals in mind...Ford has clearly done something very special technologically. Whether it will be the game-changer many expected in terms of increased efficiency remains unclear.
Published 2014.12.16: Blog Post

Heavy-duty vehicle diesel engine efficiency evaluation and energy audit

A main input for vehicle efficiency simulation tools is a fuel consumption map that characterizes the efficiency of the engine at its various operational points. This work provides a complete engine...
Published 2014.12.10: Publication

Development of test cycle conversion factors among worldwide light-duty vehicle CO2 emission standards

Comparing the light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards in effect in the world's largest auto markets is not a simple, straightforward process, because any fair, apples-to-apples comparison must...
Published 2014.12.03: Publication