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Actualización de la NOM 044. Información para la toma de decisiones

Este estudio muestra los resultados de un análisis costo-beneficio hasta el año 2037 de los cambios propuestos a la norma de emisiones de vehículos pesados, la NOM-044 de SEMARNAT. En la nueva norma...
Published 2014.06.09: Publication

[Press release] In Mexico, proposed HDV emission standard would generate health and climate benefits

Expected revisions to Mexico’s emissions standards for heavy trucks and buses patterned on more stringent European and U.S. regulations promise substantial net health, economic, and climate benefits...
Published 2014.06.02: News

Revising Mexico's NOM 044 standards: Considerations for decision-making

This study reports results of a cost-benefit analysis of changes proposed for Mexico’s heavy-duty diesel vehicle emissions standard, NOM 044, through 2037. The new regulation would significantly...
Published 2014.06.02: Publication

Leadership for real at the North American Leaders Summit

Yesterday, the three political leaders of North America, President Peña Nieto, President Obama, and Prime Minister Harper, met to discuss ways in which their countries could work better together. One...The alignment of heavy-duty vehicle policies agreed to by North America's three political leaders could result in one of the cleanest, most efficient regional truck freight networks in the world.
Published 2014.02.20: Blog Post

Urban off-cycle NOx emissions from Euro IV/V trucks and buses

Despite meeting more stringent regulatory standards for exhaust emissions during type approval, many Euro IV and Euro V heavy-duty vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems...
Published 2012.04.10: Publication

Heavy-duty vehicles workshop

The European Commission DG Climate Action and the ICCT sponsored a public workshop on November 10th in Brussels, bringing together regulators, manufacturers, fleets, academics and NGOs to facilitate...
Published 2011.10.21: Event

Developing a world-class technology pathways program in China

Vehicle emissions controls are critical for safeguarding climate and air quality and fostering automotive technology development. Over the past ten years, China has begun the process of building a...
Published 2011.10.04: Publication

A model regulatory program for reducing exhaust and evaporative emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and engines

Commercial truck markets in emerging economies such as China, India, and Brazil now dwarf traditional markets in industrialized economies. Tremendous opportunities exist to improve public health...
Published 2007.11.30: Publication