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Assessing Canada’s 2025 passenger vehicle greenhouse gas standards: Characteristics of the Canadian fleet

This paper is part of a series of reports on analysis done by the ICCT on Canada-specific technology pathways, costs, and benefits of Canada’s 2025 passenger vehicle greenhouse gas standards. The...
Published 2018.09.12: Publication

A primer on U.S. fuel economy standards

The recent spate of news articles with headlines like “Clash looms with automaker and efficiency standards” and “Detroit’s blue skies clouded by worries over fuel economy” are a clear sign that...Why comparing consumer window-sticker fuel economy labels directly with the “54.5 mpg” 2025 standard falsely exaggerates the size of the challenge. 
Published 2015.04.10: Blog Post

European vehicle market statistics, 2012

  The 2013 edition of European Vehicle Market Statistics is now available And see the EU Pocketbook online,, for interactive charts and underlying data.   The 2012 edition of...
Published 2012.10.29: Publication