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Effective policy design for promoting investment in advanced alternative fuels

Low-carbon fuels produced from non-food feedstocks have the potential to deliver deep greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions in transport fuels, but their commercialization has been slow despite a decade of...
Published 2017.09.21: Publication

Beyond the biofrontier: Balancing competing uses of the biomass resource

Tapping Europe’s supply of sustainably available biomass to replace fossil fuels is a promising method to mitigate climate change, but biomass is (and will remain) a limited resource. Unused or...
Published 2016.06.13: Publication

Crops of the biofrontier: In search of opportunities for sustainable energy cropping

European biofuel policy has been dominated by discussions about the indirect effects of biofuel consumption, and in particular indirect land use change and impacts on food prices and security. One...
Published 2016.04.13: Publication