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Transparency of data in the regulation of vehicle emissions in the European Union and United States

Third-party, confirmatory testing is an important source of credibility in the vehicle type approval process. Access to the vehicle testing data needed to conduct confirmatory testing, however, is...
Published 2017.09.05: Publication

Assessing real-world CO2 emissions using simulation and PEMS data

The Real Driving Emissions (RDE) testing procedure will introduce on-road testing as well as not-to-exceed emission limits for new passenger cars in Europe. However, for the time being, these on-road...
Published 2016.06.21: Publication

On-road vehicle emissions remote sensing

The ICCT commissioned this guidance document to inform policy makers of good practices in vehicle remote sensing (RS). Its purpose is to educate policy makers about RS applications, reflect upon...
Published 2013.10.11: Publication