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Francisco Posada

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Peter Mock

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John German

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Passenger vehicles

The ICCT’s passenger vehicle program works with regulatory agencies as well as other government officials, researchers, nongovernmental organizations, and private-sector stakeholders to reduce fuel...
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Thought experiment: Applying the proposed U.S. 2025 PV standards to the EU fleet

On July 29 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a Supplemental Notice of Intent (SNOI) on 2017–2025 Model Year Light-Duty Vehicle...A preliminary estimate of what it would mean to apply the proposed U.S. CAFE and GHG standards for passenger vehicles in Europe.
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Hui He

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Anup Bandivadekar

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U.S. EPA/DOT Supplemental Notice of Intent Regarding Light-Duty Vehicle Standards for 2017–2025

On July 29 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a Supplemental Notice of Intent (SNOI) on 2017–2025 Model Year Light-Duty Vehicle...
Published 2011.08.19: Publication

Crying wolf over fuel efficiency standards

John German in The Hill's Congress Blog: In 1972, a vice president of General Motors said that requiring catalytic converters in cars would result in a "complete stoppage of production." Of course,...John German in The Hill's Congress Blog.
Published 2011.07.27: Blog Post

Comparing fuel economy cost estimates for 2020–2025

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) recently issued a report (Powering Autos to 2020) on costs for improving the efficiency of conventional vehicles. BCG states that the report is based on information...Comparing the cost of fuel consumption and CO2 reductions from the Boston Consulting Group report "Powering Autos to 2020" against the 2010 US EPA and US DOT Technical Assessment Report and the 2011...
Published 2011.07.26: Blog Post

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles Infrastructure

  The ICCT brought together a diverse group of stakeholders and outside experts on July 22, 2011 in San Francisco to brainstorm ways to fund hydrogen fueling infrastructure in California. The group...
Published 2011.07.22: Event

Evaluation of parameter-based vehicle emissions targets in the EU

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emission performance standards for new passenger cars in the European Union are indexed to vehicle weight. But the regulation defining the long-term target of 95 g/km to be met...
Published 2011.07.21: Publication

Refrigerants for light-duty passenger vehicle air conditioning systems

Actions that reduce or eliminate HFC-134a emissions can make an important contribution toward lowering the overall climate impact of the global auto fleet. In the early 1990s, the automotive industry...
Published 2011.07.19: Publication

Top-selling fuel-efficient vehicles, 2010

The biggest passenger vehicle markets have progressively seen an increased penetration of highly fuel-efficient and technologically advanced automobiles (defined as vehicles having the lowest...An ICCT analysis of vehicles sold in the EU, U.S., India, China, and Japan shows intriguing trends in how OEMs aim to both meet emission standards and appeal to customers.
Published 2011.07.13: Blog Post

How not to assess technology costs and benefits: CAFE edition

One of the central arguments in the debate over fuel economy regulations is how much any proposed mpg standard will raise the price of a vehicle versus how much direct benefit it will provide a car...Using the 2010 National Academy of Sciences report to assess 2025 technologies and costs introduces a fundamental bias that skews the analysis.
Published 2011.07.01: Blog Post

Electric drive vehicles in EU

  On June 30, 2011 the ICCT, with the help of CE Delft, organized a workshop in Brussels on accounting for electric drive vehicles in the context of European CO2 emission legislation. Twenty five...
Published 2011.06.30: Event

Tire Energy Efficiency

Tires are an often overlooked factor in passenger vehicle energy use. Readily achievable improvements in tire energy efficiency could reduce global fuel consumption from passenger vehicles by as much...
Published 2011.06.24: Publication

Comments on the CAR June 2011 Report

Earlier this week the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) issued a report titled “The U.S. Automotive Market and Industry in 2025.” This is a fuller exposition of an economic forecast that CAR...
Published 2011.06.17: News

Inertia classes proposal

Historically the weight of a vehicle was represented by hanging rotating inertia mass on a dynamometer. This approach required the use of discrete inertia classes and an upper limit for inertia mass...
Published 2011.06.17: Publication

India liquid fuels & vehicle technologies

The transportation sector is an important source of air pollution in terms of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and greenhouse...
Published 2011.05.31: Event