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Managing motorcycles: Opportunities to reduce pollution and fuel use from two- and three-wheeled vehicles

For millions of people living in large cities in the developing world, two- and three-wheeled motorcycles offer convenient, affordable access to motorized transportation. Nowhere is this trend more...
Published 2009.10.09: Publication

Air emissions from two- and three-wheelers: Initial issues assessment

This report is intended to present a summary of the current regulatory environment, provide appropriate background information, and introduce potential control measures for consideration in future...
Published 2007.07.02: Publication

Passenger Vehicle Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards

Governments around the world are currently grappling with two distinct but interconnected issues—how to reduce emissions of climate-changing greenhouse gases (GHG) and how to reduce dependence on...
Published 2007.07.02: Publication

Sipping fuel and saving lives: Increasing fuel economy without sacrificing safety

The public, automakers, and policymakers have long worried about trade-offs between increased fuel economy in motor vehicles and reduced safety. The conclusion of a broad group of experts on safety...
Published 2007.06.29: Publication