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India’s diesel fuel price hike: Better for fuel under-recoveries, inadequate to stem passenger car dieselization

Last spring, my colleague Hui He blogged about then-new vehicle taxes in India. She argued that the increase in excise taxes on bigger passenger cars was a welcome step toward disincentivizing the...The Indian government's decision to phase out diesel subsidies is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't go as far as it could.
Published 2013.02.13: Blog Post

Vegetable oil markets and the EU biofuel mandate

An important question when estimating the indirect land use change emissions from biodiesel feedstocks is whether vegetable oils replace each other in the market, so that increased demand for one may...
Published 2013.02.11: Publication

Joshua Miller

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Zhenying Shao

Published 2013.02.08: Profile

An overlooked contributor to China's recent air-quality woes

Beijing’s recent episode of off-the-charts-bad air quality provoked a remarkable level of worldwide attention. The haze enveloping many Chinese cities, including not only Beijing but also other large...One culprit behind the deadly air quality in some of China's biggest cities has been receiving comparatively little scrutiny: air pollution from ships.
Published 2013.02.07: Blog Post

Brazil's Inovar-Auto incentive program

In October 2012, the Brazilian government approved by decree a new program to encourage vehicle technology innovation. Inovar-Auto fosters industry competitiveness by encouraging automakers to...
Published 2013.02.04: Publication

Initial processing of Ricardo vehicle simulation modeling CO2 data

The basic CO2 data used in the development of the EU cost curves is derived from simulation modeling performed by Ricardo inc. This paper summarizes how the data developed by Ricardo was processed to...
Published 2013.02.04: Publication

Mass reduction impacts on EU cost curves

This paper discusses the impacts of new vehicle mass reduction data on CO2 benefit and cost curves for EU light-duty vehicles in the 2020–2025 timeframe. This paper is the third in a series, with the...
Published 2013.02.04: Publication


Published 2013.01.30: Publication

Proposed China national fuel consumption standards for new commercial HDVs

On September 24, 2012, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) put forward a proposal for a National Fuel Consumption Standard for new commercial heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs)....
Published 2013.01.25: Publication

Breathing in Beijing (and New Delhi, and Tehran, and . . .)

Over the weekend, numerous global news sources reported on the record-breaking concentrations of fine particles—PM2.5—in Beijing, and the health issues that come along with them. Several sources (e.g...Acute, local pollution spikes are dangerous and unpleasant for those living through them, but they are just a part of the global pollution problem. Two recent reports highlight broader health and...
Published 2013.01.19: Blog Post

Seeking solutions to China's air pollution crisis

As Beijing continues to struggle with severely elevated air pollution levels this week, domestic and international media have kept a strong spotlight on China's air quality. On Friday, the New York...Air pollution is a regional problem, requiring widespread, deep, and permanent emissions cuts. Implementing stringent emission reduction policies will mean confronting entrenched state-owned...
Published 2013.01.19: Blog Post


[This is a Chinese-language version of my earlier post here.] 过去的一周,在恶劣的天气条件下,北京和中、东部地区很多城市都经历了严重的空气污染。数个空气质量监测点都出现PM2.5爆表的情况。这种前所未有的严重污染引发了国内外媒体的广泛关注和报道,很多市民也纷纷通过微博表达了对恶劣空气质量的不满。值得注意的是,...Chinese-language translation of the previous post.
Published 2013.01.19: Blog Post

Near-term technology potential for new cars in the EU

Only 15–20 percent of the energy in fuels is used to drive a car; the remainder passes unused into the car’s surroundings as waste heat or other losses. Thanks to advanced technologies, these losses...
Published 2013.01.18: Publication

Reducing CO2 and fuel consumption for new cars in the EU

Recent work sponsored by the ICCT, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resources Board, and others, has produced detailed analyses assessing the future CO2 emission...
Published 2013.01.18: Publication


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Turning the conversation about Beijing's air pollution toward solutions

Over the past weekend, poor meteorological conditions contributed to a severe accumulation of air pollution in Beijing and hundreds of other cities in northern and eastern China. The extreme...Until China takes steps toward reducing emissions, poor air quality and occasional "crazy bad" episodes will continue.
Published 2013.01.14: Blog Post

Unconventional Oil Symposium

While worldwide supplies of accessible oil are growing, the array of emerging unconventional oil is diversifying. These new oil sources pose important energy, environmental, security, and climate...
Published 2013.01.09: Event

Technology characteristics of China's new car fleet, 2010

Improving fuel efficiency is a key element in China’s long-term strategic plan for the automobile industry, and the focus of previous and current passenger car fuel consumption regulations there....
Published 2013.01.04: Event

Rachel Muncrief

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