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Black carbon in the Arctic

The final frontier for emissions control may be international shipping, which operated independent of controls on its engine exhaust emissions until just three years ago, when regulations on the...A new study indicates that stringent control of black carbon from ships in Arctic waters could cut warming impacts in the Arctic region by one third.
Published 2013.03.01: Blog Post

Black carbon climate science and emission control strategies: A policy-relevant summary

This paper provides policy-relevant guidance on black carbon, a solid particle emitted during incomplete combustion. When emitted into the atmosphere and deposited on ice or snow, black carbon causes...
Published 2009.12.14: Publication

International Workshop on Black Carbon in Latin America

This one-day workshop presented the sources and impacts of black carbon emissions in Latin America, strategies for controlling major sources, case studies of existing control programs, and the status...
Published 2009.09.15: Event

International Workshop on Black Carbon

Distinguished atmospheric scientists and policy makers shared the latest scientific understanding of black carbon climate forcing and policy strategies for mitigation in the transportation sector at...
Published 2009.01.06: Event