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Barriers to the adoption of fuel-saving technologies in the trucking sector

Freight trucks are the backbone of most economies, because they are responsible for a significant portion of goods movement. Although freight trucks make up a relatively small percentage of the on-...
Published 2017.07.07: Publication

Declining diesel car share not a hurdle for meeting the European Union’s CO2 reduction targets, instead helps reduce compliance costs for manufacturers [press release]

In the aftermath of the Dieselgate scandal, the market share of diesel cars in Europe is declining. The average diesel passenger car emits less carbon dioxide (CO2) than a comparable gasoline car...
Published 2017.07.05: News

Shifting gears: The effects of a future decline in diesel market share on tailpipe CO2 and NOx emissions in Europe

The market share of fuel-efficient new diesel cars in the European Union has remained above 50% since 2010, greatly aiding the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. But diesel market share is...
Published 2017.07.05: Publication

Like magic! How to make high vehicle CO2 emissions simply disappear

Ask people on the streets in Germany who they think is the most famous magician ever, and the name you would probably hear most is David Copperfield. Almost everyone knows him and is fascinated by...On June 26, the BMVI finally published the CO2 measurement results we had been waiting for. But in the interim the Ministry re-tested 29 of the original vehicle models. Only a subset of those results...
Published 2017.07.03: Blog Post

News reports and features, June 2017

Trump’s Paris withdrawal puts more pressure on IMO, say conservation group —Undercurrent News, 6/2/2017  President Trump Dumps Paris Climate Agreement —The Drive, 6/2/2017 Trump withdrawing US from...
Published 2017.06.30: News

CO2 emissions from new passenger cars in the EU: Car manufacturers' performance in 2016

The paper details manufacturers’ performance in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, fuel and technology trends, and market share. It focuses on differences between Member States and between the major...
Published 2017.06.30: Publication

DO Wales 2016

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Published 2017.06.29: Event

Kamrin Brown

Published 2017.06.29: Profile

Laboratory and on-road emission testing of in-use passenger vehicles in India

Considering the overwhelming evidence of high in-use NOx emissions from diesel cars in Europe and the US, the impact of NOx emissions in human health, and the growing numbers of new diesel passenger...
Published 2017.06.26: Publication

In the media

A curated selection of the latest mentions in mainstream and specialised media outlets across the globe. An archive of previous media mentions by month is available here. 2017 May June July...
Published 2017.06.23: Page

2017 Global update: Light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards

Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and fuel economy standards for light-duty vehicles (LDVs) have progressed significantly in a little more than a decade. Ten years ago, only four governments had...
Published 2017.06.23: Publication

Compliance and enforcement

ICCT research and analyses have played crucial roles in illuminating the scale and scope of disparities between vehicle-efficiency targets or pollutant emissions standards and “real-world”...
Published 2017.06.23: Landing Page

Integrating electric vehicles within U.S. and European efficiency regulations

This paper assesses options for integrating electric vehicles within U.S. and European CO2 emission and efficiency regulations through 2030. The paper evaluates of future electric vehicle penetration...
Published 2017.06.22: Publication


In FY 2015, ICCT received support from private foundations (72% of total revenues), grants (20%), and consulting services. (8%). 85% of ICCT's spending directly supported program work. Our FY15...
Published 2017.06.21: Page

Green freight

ICCT’s Green Freight program aims to improve the real-world energy efficiency and environmental performance of freight systems, with a focus on technology and its impacts on supply chain operations...
Published 2017.06.19: Landing Page

Mike Nicholas

Published 2017.06.19: Profile

Proposed second-phase greenhouse gas emission standards for heavy-duty engines and vehicles in Canada

On March 4, 2017, Environment and Climate Change Canada published proposed standards to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from new on-road heavy-duty vehicles. These Phase 2 regulations would...
Published 2017.06.15: Publication

Maximizing aircraft fuel efficiency: Designing from scratch

Why aren’t we seeing more radically fuel-efficient aircraft, the way we're seeing more efficient cars and trucks? You can get a lot of different answers to that question, depending on who you ask. We...Why aren’t we seeing more radically fuel-efficient aircraft, the way we're seeing more efficient cars and trucks? You can get a lot of different answers to that question, depending on who you ask....
Published 2017.06.14: Blog Post

Diesel retrofit technologies and experience for on-road and off-road vehicles

Diesel engines are important power systems for on-road and off-road vehicles. These reliable, fuel-efficient, high-torque engines power the vast majority of the world’s heavy-duty trucks, buses, and...
Published 2017.06.13: Publication

Vehicle and fuel standards can dramatically reduce air pollution in Brazil, São Paulo’s air quality data demonstrate

São Paulo’s Environmental Agency, CETESB, announced in February 2017 that new heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards will take effect in Brazil starting in 2019, and as we discussed here, the next...Implementing P-8 (Euro VI-equivalent) standards for trucks and buses might be the most cost-effective way to improve air quality, not just in São Paulo but nationwide. The benefits associated with P-...
Published 2017.05.31: Blog Post