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Integrating trailers into the U.S. Phase 2 HDV efficiency rule

This paper, “Recommendations for regulatory design, testing, and certification for integrating trailers into the Phase 2 U.S. heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas regulation,”...
Published 2014.02.18: Publication

Costs and adoption rates of fuel-saving trailer technologies

This study, “Costs and adoption rates of fuel-saving technologies for trailers in the North American on-road freight sector,” is the outcome of a 2013 collaboration between the ICCT and the North...
Published 2014.02.18: Publication

Measuring in-use fuel economy: Summary of pilot studies

Vehicle fuel economy is determined via a type-approval or certification process, which involves testing vehicles under laboratory conditions. But the information obtained via chassis testing under...
Published 2013.12.06: Publication

Renewed and enhanced subsidies for energy-efficient vehicles in China

In order to increase the market share of clean, energy-efficient, advanced technology vehicles, the Chinese government offers various fiscal incentives (“market-pull” measures) to complement...
Published 2013.11.22: Publication

The art of cooking popcorn and the 2013 EU statistical pocketbook

Futurist Lars Thomsen gave a speech at the AVL “Engine & Environment” conference in September that has drawn quite a bit of favorable attention (like here). Thomsen has a lot of interesting...Some highlights from the new edition of our annual profile of the European vehicle market.
Published 2013.10.28: Blog Post

European vehicle market statistics, 2013

Update: The 2014 edition of the EU Pocketbook is now available here. The European Vehicle Market Statistics Pocketbook offers an annually updated, statistical portrait of passenger car and light...
Published 2013.10.28: Publication

Latest from the EU bazaar: From carpet trading to emissions trading?

The 95 g/km standard for 2020 passenger cars in the EU continues to come under attack. On October 14, the environment ministers of the EU member states decided to reopen negotiations on the...Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche calls development of the EU CO2 vehicle targets “carpet trading” and instead wants to move toward integrating the transport sector into the EU ETS. Here are two reasons...
Published 2013.10.18: Blog Post

Of hybrids, metrics, and C-Maxes

The recent spate of news on Ford lowering the mileage rating on its C-Max hybrid (e.g., here and here and here) could lead some to question the in-use fuel economy benefits of hybrids. That would be...The recent spate of news on Ford lowering the mileage rating on its C-Max hybrid could lead some to question the in-use fuel economy benefits of hybrids. That would be a mistake.
Published 2013.08.16: Blog Post

The time is ripe for truck efficiency in the U.S.

The trucking industry is primed for major efficiency improvements in the years ahead. The Obama administration has made heavy-duty vehicle efficiency a centerpiece of its Climate Action Plan, looking...Innovative technologies are coming into the heavy-duty fleet, but more could be done to reduce barriers to wider adoption.
Published 2013.07.31: Blog Post

Barriers to adoption of fuel-efficiency technologies in the North American on-road freight sector

This study paves new ground in its diverse, expansive coverage of the Class 7 and 8 tractor-trailer fleet. Using phone, focus group, and on-line survey methods, the authors interviewed nearly 1,900...
Published 2013.07.29: Publication

Mexico's LDV CO2 and fuel economy standards

On June 21, 2013, the Mexican government published final standards regulating CO2 emissions and the fuel economy equivalent for new passenger vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. The...
Published 2013.07.23: Publication

Trailer technologies for increased HDV efficiency

Improving the efficiency of tractor-trailers is critical to reducing air pollution and climate impacts in the transportation sector. There are a number of different strategies for reducing fuel use...
Published 2013.07.03: Publication

Global Fuel Economy Initiative's networking meeting

Materials from the GFEI's global networking meeting, held June 20 and 21 at UNEP's headquarters in Paris, are now online here. Quoting from the GFEI site's description of the event: [D]elegates...
Published 2013.06.25: News

Regulated slow steaming in maritime transport

Vessel speed reduction, or "slow steaming," is both a real-world industry trend and a potential avenue for new policy. Researchers at CE-Delft, the University of Southampton, and the ICCT sought to...
Published 2013.04.09: Publication

LDV fuel consumption and GHG emissions: Where there's a will there's a way

Last week, the U.S. National Research Council released a comprehensive study of the technology potential for cutting oil consumption and GHG emissions by 80% across the U.S. light-duty vehicle fleet...A recent NRC study assesses technically and economically feasible efficiency improvements we could get in both conventional and advanced LDVs over the next few decades. The question is will we force...
Published 2013.03.28: Blog Post

A good candidate for executive action from the Obama administration

By now everyone who wants to know does know that President Obama has promised “executive actions” on climate change if Congress continues to evade the problem. That has naturally re-energized...Heavy-duty vehicles account for 6% of total US GHG emissions—not as juicy a target as the one-third that come from power plants, but significant enough to merit a real focus this term.
Published 2013.03.15: Blog Post

The New Passenger Car Fleet in China, 2010

Improving fuel efficiency is a key element in China’s long-term strategic plan for the automobile industry, and the focus of previous and current passenger car fuel consumption regulations there....
Published 2012.12.27: Publication

Global transportation energy and climate roadmap

This report evaluates the impact of transportation policies on worldwide oil consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and the potential for reductions in both out to 2030. It finds that...
Published 2012.12.01: Publication

Market barriers to increased efficiency in the European on-road freight sector

There are several technical and operational measures available to improve the fuel efficiency of truck fleets, but many of these measures are currently not universally implemented. Even cost-...
Published 2012.11.21: Publication

European vehicle market statistics, 2012

  The 2013 edition of European Vehicle Market Statistics is now available And see the EU Pocketbook online,, for interactive charts and underlying data.   The 2012 edition of...
Published 2012.10.29: Publication