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Japan light commercial vehicle fuel economy standards for 2022

In March, an advisory committee to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) finalized new fuel economy standards for...
Published 2015.04.28: Publication

Cost effectiveness of advanced efficiency technologies for long-haul tractor-trailers in the 2020–2030 timeframe

As U.S. regulatory agencies work on the second phase of heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel-efficiency standards, a key question concerns the payback periods of various...
Published 2015.04.21: Publication

When will heavy-duty pickups and vans compete on efficiency too?

If you live in the U.S., you've seen commercials for pickup trucks trumpeting “best-in-class” horsepower, towing, and payload capability. Get ready for a new trend in marketing pickups, as the...Nobody really knows the fuel economy of new commercial pickups and vans, because manufacturers aren't required to publicly disclose it. But that could be about to change, with Phase 2 of the US...
Published 2015.04.20: Blog Post

A primer on U.S. fuel economy standards

The recent spate of news articles with headlines like “Clash looms with automaker and efficiency standards” and “Detroit’s blue skies clouded by worries over fuel economy” are a clear sign that...Why comparing consumer window-sticker fuel economy labels directly with the “54.5 mpg” 2025 standard falsely exaggerates the size of the challenge. 
Published 2015.04.10: Blog Post

A Rorschach test for transport geeks: Passenger vehicle fuel efficiency in Japan

The latest version of Japan’s fuel economy guide for passenger vehicles was posted last week (Japanese only). Released annually by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT)...Is the fact that Japanese automakers stay 5–7 years ahead of regulatory targets evidence that they're geniuses, or that their regulators are unable to set realistic targets, or something in between?
Published 2015.04.03: Blog Post

Workshop on Heavy-Duty Fuel Efficiency Regulations

The ICCT is playing a support role in developing the program and organizing logistics.   A final overview and presentations from the workshop can be accessed here
Published 2015.02.24: Event

Costs and adoption rates of fuel-saving technologies for trailers in the Canadian on-road freight sector

This report, “Costs and adoption rates of fuel-saving technologies for trailers in the Canadian on-road freight sector,” is the outcome of a collaboration between the ICCT and Pollution Probe, a...
Published 2015.02.11: Publication

Do the automakers really need help with the U.S. efficiency standards?

If you paid attention to the press coming out of the Detroit Auto Show last week, you’d have the strong impression that low gasoline prices are making it difficult for automakers to comply with fuel...Sergio Marchionne, among others, is trying to get folks riled up about rolling back the 54.5 mpg standard for new 2025 automobiles. Let’s take a little closer look at the supposed problem.
Published 2015.01.23: Blog Post

Proposed Saudi Arabia CAFE standard for new LDVs 2016-2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced new light-duty vehicle (LDV) fuel economy standards in November 2014. The proposed standards apply to all new and used passenger vehicles and light trucks...
Published 2014.12.18: Publication

More efficient new Ford F150: A shift from the old horsepower wars?

Ford released the official fuel economy label values for the 2015 aluminum-body Ford F150 this week and the general response from the media was disappointment. But Ford had much broader goals in mind...Ford has clearly done something very special technologically. Whether it will be the game-changer many expected in terms of increased efficiency remains unclear.
Published 2014.12.16: Blog Post

[Press release] Saudi Arabia joins major economies in increasing auto efficiency

[December 5, 2014]—On November 16, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a historic fuel efficiency standard for new light duty vehicles. The proposed standard will apply to Model Years 2016 through...
Published 2014.12.05: News

Improving the conversions between the various passenger vehicle fuel economy/CO2 emission standards around the world

Most governments of countries (or, in the case of the European Union, regions) with large auto markets regulate passenger vehicle fuel efficiency or CO2 emissions (essentially the same thing, since...We've updated our comparison of passenger vehicle fuel-efficiency standards worldwide, improving the test cycle conversion factors used to translate the standard values among the different...
Published 2014.12.03: Blog Post

Development of test cycle conversion factors among worldwide light-duty vehicle CO2 emission standards

Comparing the light-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards in effect in the world's largest auto markets is not a simple, straightforward process, because any fair, apples-to-apples comparison must...
Published 2014.12.03: Publication

Bending the law of diminishing returns on fuel economy

Larry Vellequette had an interesting column about diminishing returns from vehicle efficiency technologies in the July 11, 2014 Automotive News. He was commenting on the chart below showing annual...On fuel economy, what matters is the cost of adding technology compared with the fuel savings it delivers. And all the evidence points to technology costs falling fast enough to keep pace with the...
Published 2014.07.21: Blog Post

A false choice: Carbon taxes and fuel efficiency regulations

I read Henry Paulson’s Sunday New York Times op-ed on the climate crisis and Paul Krugman’s response with interest—and frustration. Mr. Paulson called for putting a price on emissions of carbon...Fuel taxes or carbon fees affect fuel consumption in different ways than regulatory standards do. They complement each other, and we need both.
Published 2014.06.26: Blog Post

Some upcoming changes in the ICCT global passenger vehicle GHG standard comparison charts

In coming weeks we’re going to be making some tweaks to our chart series comparing passenger vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions standards worldwide. Since these charts are consistently...The changes we’ll be unveiling, which have been in the works for some time, are aimed at making the comparisons across countries/markets more precisely accurate on several levels.
Published 2014.06.05: Blog Post

Keep up the good work, automakers (and EPA)

There are lots of new high-efficiency models in the market: sedans, crossovers, pickups, and even sports cars. But how are the automakers doing, as a whole, in meeting federal US and California clean...Last Friday, the US EPA released its first report on automakers' performance toward reducing vehicle emissions to comply with GHG standards. So, how's it going? Pretty well.
Published 2014.04.29: Blog Post

Live from New York, it’s vehicle efficiency!

Beneath all the polish, glitz, and raw horsepower of the New York International Auto Show is a lot of very cool technology. In case you missed it, the first new Alfa Romeo to be offered in the U.S....What role are high-volume 2014 models going to play in automakers’ efforts to meet new CAFE standards? Well, the new sedans are already greatly outperforming the CAFE targets, two years early. And...
Published 2014.04.25: Blog Post

Hybrids break through in the Japan auto market

Japan’s 2012 passenger vehicle fuel economy guide is out (Japanese only), and for those interested in these matters it provides much food for thought. The most striking finding is that the fuel...Overall, fuel economy has improved by more than 70% in Japan since 1995, and the rate of improvement has averaged 6% annually over the past five years. Much of that can be attributed to the rise of...
Published 2014.04.04: Blog Post

Bring on the high(er) efficiency trucks

Well, the last month has been a nice little run on the heavy-duty vehicle efficiency front in the U.S. In his State of the Union address, President Obama declared that he’d build on the success of...President Obama has officially kicked off the work of developing the next U.S. heavy-duty vehicle efficiency standards. A handful of critical technical-regulatory topic areas will essentially define...
Published 2014.02.19: Blog Post