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Potential low carbon fuel supply to the Pacific Coast region of North America

This study investigates the potential to meet the fuel carbon goals of four jurisdictions of the Pacific Coast region, simultaneously. California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, British Columbia’s Low...
Published 2015.01.23: Publication

[Press release] New study shows potential for growth in the Pacific Coast low-carbon fuel supply

British Columbia, California, Oregon, Washington have all pledged to reduce the carbon intensity of transport fuels in the Pacific Coast region. A new study from the International Council on Clean...
Published 2015.01.23: News

The ever-expanding oil sands delivery network

Increasingly, global oil demand pushes us to harder-to-get-at, more remote, and dirtier oil sources. Maybe you’ve heard about the resource in Canada that is sometimes referred to as “oil sands.”...The oil industry is seeking, and finding, many ways to bring oil sands crude to the market.
Published 2013.08.15: Blog Post