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Policy summary: India's vehicle emissions control program

The ICCT has just completed a comprehensive assessment of the past, present, and potential future direction of vehicle emission control measures in India, setting Indian policy options in the context...
Published 2013.07.03: Publication

Breakthrough timeline for China ULSF standards

China’s State Council announced a detailed timeline for upgrading nationwide motor fuel quality to the “China V” standards, with maximum sulfur content of 10 ppm for both gasoline and diesel. The...
Published 2013.03.01: Publication


Published 2013.01.30: Publication

More on the costs and benefits of clean fuels and vehicles in India

We recently held a webinar on the costs and benefits of clean vehicles and fuels in India. This was the last in a series of webinars we have conducted this year to highlight the benefits of tighter...Notes from the final webinar in the series recently concluded on India.
Published 2012.12.26: Blog Post

Costs and benefits of cleaner fuels and vehicles in India

Numerous studies have shown that sulfur in gasoline and diesel contributes to higher vehicular emissions. The emissions performance benefits of reducing the sulfur content of fuel come in two forms....
Published 2012.12.11: Publication

Proposed amendments to EU Fuel Quality and Renewable Energy Directives (revised)

In late September we provided an update on a draft proposal from the European Commission to amend Europe’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) to address indirect land...
Published 2012.12.06: Publication

More on transitioning to ultra-low sulfur diesel in India

The ICCT recently released a new consultant report looking at the costs of transitioning to ultra-low sulfur fuels (ULSF) in India and other countries. Two important issues came up during a webinar...Answers to some questions posed during a recent webinar.
Published 2012.12.01: Blog Post

Technical and economic analysis of the transition to ultra-low sulfur fuels in Brazil, China, India, and Mexico

Advanced emission control technologies in engines and vehicles require clean fuels, especially ultra-low sulfur gasoline (ULSG) and diesel fuel (ULSD). In the past decade, many countries with...
Published 2012.11.07: Publication

European vehicle market statistics, 2012

  The 2013 edition of European Vehicle Market Statistics is now available And see the EU Pocketbook online,, for interactive charts and underlying data.   The 2012 edition of...
Published 2012.10.29: Publication

Webinar: Transition to ultra-low-sulfur fuels in India

Cleaner air in India depends on cleaner diesel and petrol. The connection is straightforward. Stringent vehicle emissions standards require manufacturers to use advanced emission control devices....
Published 2012.10.26: Event

Improving Fuel Quality in India (webinar notes)

The ICCT India team last week broadcast the second webinar of its three-part series on analyses of cleaner vehicles and fuels in India. (E-mail us if you'd like to be informed of the next one, in...Some notes re. the 24 May webinar on fuel quality standards and compliance in India, with links to the recorded webinar and downloadable presentation.
Published 2012.05.29: Blog Post