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India’s diesel fuel price hike: Better for fuel under-recoveries, inadequate to stem passenger car dieselization

Last spring, my colleague Hui He blogged about then-new vehicle taxes in India. She argued that the increase in excise taxes on bigger passenger cars was a welcome step toward disincentivizing the...The Indian government's decision to phase out diesel subsidies is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't go as far as it could.
Published 2013.02.13: Blog Post

India’s 2012 budget: Good on vehicle tax policy, not so much on fuel

One of the policy areas that we at the ICCT stress is how fiscal policies influence the composition of national vehicle fleets by creating (or eliminating) good or bad incentives for consumers. (The...India’s just-released budget for fiscal year 2012 offers some new examples of fiscal policies' effects on fleet composition.
Published 2012.03.28: Blog Post

Overview of China's vehicle emission control program

In booming China, vehicle ownership of all kinds is soaring. Since 2000, the total stock of cars, trucks, and buses has more than quadrupled, from 13.5 million to over 60 million, and the number of...
Published 2011.04.07: Publication