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Leading edge of electric vehicle market development in the United States: An analysis of California cities

This study analyzes electric vehicle markets at the city level in California in 2015. Along with an analysis of city-level electric vehicle uptake, the authors assess public charging infrastructure,...
Published 2016.09.11: Publication

Don't count out hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles

Perhaps somewhat lost in all the exciting news about recent successful launches of all the new plug-in electric vehicles are the recent equally promising developments on the other electric vehicle:...Perhaps somewhat lost in the buzz about recent successful launches of new plug-in EVs are the equally promising developments on the other electric vehicle.
Published 2013.11.26: Blog Post

Calculating electric drive vehicle GHG emissions

Calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to the production of electricity and hydrogen used to power electric drive vehicles is important for understanding the role such vehicles...
Published 2012.08.24: Publication

Advanced Technology Development to Meet California's Climate Goals

Presents a comprehensive view of California’s need to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced technology that will stimulate the state’s transition to a clean energy economy and achieve...
Published 2009.12.15: Publication