Briefing | Washington DC

A panel discussion on how motor vehicle emission standards influence the international competitiveness of auto manufacturers and component suppliers.

Conference | Brussels, Belgium

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) cordially invites you to join a discussion on post-2020 European policy for alternative fuels. The event presents a vision of a path forward for European fuels policies based on more than a year of exchanges with stakeholders from industry and civil society. This intiative has examined the conditions and boundaries under which such fuels might be developed in a sustainable manner.

Workshop | Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico

The Secretary of the Environment (SEDEMA) of Mexico City hosted a workshop on eliminating particle emissions from heavy-duty buses and trucks in Mexico City.

Conference | Washington, D.C.
A conference bringing together experts for a review of the state of the art in fuel-efficiency technologies and designs for passenger cars since 2012.
Workshop | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Third and final workshop designed to inform and guide a two-year project on marine black carbon (BC) funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC).

Conference | Cardigan, Wales

The DO Lectures are "an inexplicable cross section between a festival and a conference." ICCT Senior Fellow John German was invited to participate in DO Wales 2016. His presentation was titled "Seeing through the Hype."

Briefing | Brussels

A lunch briefing on vehicle emissions testing schemes in the EU and U.S., with discussion of potential reforms in the EU.

Workshop | Utrecht, The Netherlands

Second of three workshops designed to inform and guide a two-year project on marine black carbon (BC) funded by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). The project will develop a refined global marine BC emissions inventory as well as a technology performance database for BC mitigation strategies.


This webinar will touch on various aspects related to the India Clean Air Initiative.

This webinar is the first in a short series that will touch on various aspects of regulatory development for HDV efficiency in India.
Workshop | Beijing, China

The objective of this meeting was to provide an overview of HDV emissions compliance programs and experiences in the US/California and Europe as well as solutions and recommendations for China going forward.

Workshop | New Delhi

An international public workshop on April 29th, co-hosted by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), with speakers including experts from Japan, Korea, N. America, Europe and India to discuss the development of fuel efficiency standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) globally, and implications for India.

Workshop | Mexico City

A workshop to strengthen capacity in the government and civil society organization that participate in the development of official Mexican standards for the control of pollutant emissions from light-duty vehicles. 


This presentation will describe the steps taken to produce the estimates of premature deaths from chronic exposure to ambient fine particulate matter attributable to surface transportation emissions in 2005 as well as the challenges confronted.


A webinar on the new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathway for biogas-generated electricity used in transportation, which provides utilities with a new potential revenue stream, creates opportunities for biogas producers, and allows for growth in the electric vehicle industry.


A policy overview, presented by Chris Malins, hosted by Biofuels International.

Workshop | Ottawa, Canada

First of three workshops designed to inform and guide a new two-year CCAC funded project on marine black carbon.

Workshop | Mexico City

This workshop introduced relevant information for the development of regulations for light-duty vehicle emissions in Mexico.

Workshop | Mexico City

A workshop focused on the approval of policies concerning efficiency standards, greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants for new light duty vehicles in North America.

Workshop | Beijing

The Sino-US motor vehicle emission control workshop series focuses on comprehensive strategies to manage the environmental impacts of mobile sources. The topics of this 4th workshop were transportation emission control technologies and policies for both on-road vehicles and off-road equipment.