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Conference | Brussels, Belgium

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) cordially invites you to join a discussion on post-2020 European policy for alternative fuels. The event presents a vision of a path forward for European fuels policies based on more than a year of exchanges with stakeholders from industry and civil society. This intiative has examined the conditions and boundaries under which such fuels might be developed in a sustainable manner.


A webinar on the new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathway for biogas-generated electricity used in transportation, which provides utilities with a new potential revenue stream, creates opportunities for biogas producers, and allows for growth in the electric vehicle industry.


A policy overview, presented by Chris Malins, hosted by Biofuels International.

Conference | Washington, D.C.

A symposium on the changing landscape of the oil industry in the U.S. and globally


A technical and economic analysis of pathways and costs for India to produce ultra-low sulfur fuels.

Workshop | Brussels

The ICCT held a workshop for European national officials in Brussels on the EU Commission’s ongoing indirect land use change consultation.