Conference | Brussels, Belgium

This event offers a high-level discussion on how European countries are working to shift to zero-emission heavy-duty transport.

Workshop | San Diego, CA, USA

The workshop explored green freight programs and initiatives and examined how to expand and harmonize the programs worldwide.

Workshop | Buenos Aires

A two-day workshop bringing together government, industry and civil society to bring world-class vehicle emissions and fuel standards to South America and enhance regional capacity for compliance and enforcement activities.

Un taller de dos días que reúne al gobierno, la industria y la sociedad civil para traer estándares de emisiones de vehículos y estándares de combustible de clase mundial a Sudamérica y mejorar la capacidad regional para actividades de cumplimiento y verificacion.

Workshop | Buenos Aires

A strategic discussion of the G20 TTG's activities and vision for coming years, and taking stock of important progress made in improving the energy efficiency and environmental performance of heavy-duty vehicles in G20 economies.

Workshop | San Francisco, California, USA

ICCT workshop to identify the most appropriate black carbon control measures for international shipping

Workshop | San Francisco

A full day of transport-related events affiliated with the Global Climate Action Summit

Conference | Washington DC

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy convened a one-day symposium to highlight international energy efficiency best practices, with a particular focus on opportunities for improvement in the United States.

Workshop | Brasília, Brazil

Presentations on the international experience with technology transition in urban bus fleets including the pathway to zero emission as well as technology procurement pathways for the City of São Paulo to meet its newly adopted zero fossil fuel CO2 target.

Workshop | Bangkok, Thailand

ICCT researcher Zifei Yang presented at two workshops organized by UN Environment and Clean Air Asia as side events of 2018 Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership Joint Forum and Clean Air Week.

Conference | Nairobi, Kenya

A platform for participants to discuss cleaner mobility and its impacts on health, environment and economic growth in Africa building on the outcomes of the 2014 Africa Sustainable Transport Forum.

Workshop | Beijing, China

A international workshop on international practices on electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle promotion and application.

Workshop | Lima, Peru

A workshop on incentives to promote the import of cleaner and more efficient vehicles in Peru.


Reviews our recent report on emerging best practices for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and features four panelists in the charging infrastructure industry from Europe and North America.

Workshop | Beijing, China

Provided an in-depth overview of US EPA’s SmartWay and green technology verification program.

Workshop | Washington, DC

 A panel discussion on how the trucking industry is changing, and the regulatory measures that should be taken to enable a safer and more efficient trucking future.


Join us for a webinar on clean soot-free urban bus fleets.


Join us for a joint webinar with C40 Cities Finance faculty on clean urban bus fleets.

Workshop | Washington, DC

The fourth in a series of technical workshops designed to build consensus on how to define, measure, and control marine black carbon emissions.

    Workshop | Buenos Aires, Argentina

    A invite-only three-day workshop bringing together government, industry and civil society to explore opportunities for green freight program development in Latin America, foster alignment and collaboration among national programs in the region, enhance logistics energy efficiency, and reduce costs.


    Join us for a global webinar with the study authors to gain a deeper understanding of the motivation for this work, the approach, and the major findings.