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Increasing the stringency of the Europe's CO2 standards for HDVs would not only result in greater CO2 savings but also in a lower total cost of ownership for transport operators.
ICAO's Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation will probably not provide a meaningful framework to transition to alternative jet fuels.
O Brasil é o último dos grandes mercados automotivos sem padrões para emissões de veículos pesados equivalentes ao Euro VI para proteção à saúde pública. A implementação rápida do P-8 resolveria tal situação, e as agências regulatórias não deveriam deixar questões inconsequentes como o calendário para a especificação do diesel de referência e conteúdo de biodiesel atrasarem sua implementação.  
Now that the EPA and NHTSA proposal for revised fuel efficiency standards is out, the full extent of the roll back and the significant implications for Canada are clear
Brazil is the last major auto market without Euro VI-equivalent emission standards for HDVs in place to protect public health. Implementing P-8 standards quickly would remedy that situation, and regulators shouldn't allow inconsequential questions about the schedule for new reference diesel specifications and biodiesel blending levels to create delay.
Iceland's electric vehicle market is booming. With low-carbon and inexpensive electricity, high fossil fuel prices, a high urbanization rate, and almost half of prospective buyers planning to purchase an EV, Iceland could have an astonishingly clean transportation sector before long.