Staff blog: Clean Air

Having slashed sulfur content limits for on-road diesel fuel, China's policymakers may turn their attention to other sources of particulate pollution. With official limits for marine fuel an eye-popping 35,000 ppm sulfur, shipping could be an inviting target.
Mexico's INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contribution) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is tied to real and actionable policy goals.
China is in the process of amending its Clean Air Law. Experience with the CAA highlights some key principles that can help give environmental agencies the teeth they need.
To put the climate co-benefits of vehicle emissions standards in perspective: In the near-term, currently enacted emissions add 50% to the CO2-e reductions from on-road vehicles in 2030, a climate impact that could be doubled by extending stringent emission standards throughout the rest of the world.
Why the decline in sea ice extent should motivate us to focus harder on limiting ship emissions of black carbon
Another look at the consequences of delay in implementing stricter vehicle emission and fuel quality standards in India.