“These findings show that CO2 emissions from the new car fleet in Europe can be reduced even if the market share of diesel cars would continue to fall in future years. In fact, a transition from diesel cars to advanced gasoline technology and either hybrid or plug-in vehicles, including gasoline plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, would reduce the net costs of complying with a hypothetical 70 g/km CO2 standard for 2025.”

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Summarizes the potential in Europe of presently available efficiency technologies to produce fuel savings that greatly exceed the upfront costs of technology and maintenance, and evaluates emerging advanced efficiency technologies that offer even...

2018.01.16 | White paper

Compares the fuel efficiency of 20 airlines operating nonstop flights between the mainland United States and East Asia and Oceania and extends the previous transatlantic fuel efficiency methodology to the transpacific market.

2018.01.16 | White paper

Provides an overview of how the NEV mandate will work, summarizes major differences between the interim proposal and the final rule, and evaluates potential impacts.

2018.01.11 | Policy update

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  • Introducing Soot-free Transport

    The truth is that we’ve had ready solutions at hand for the 15+ years that I’ve been working on urban air pollution. Today, soot-free transport solutions are ever more available, with manufacturers committed to offering them in key markets, real progress on fuel quality, and advanced technologies putting even more pressure on the older ones. The world is ready for soot-free solutions and Soot-free Transport is ready to provide them.

  • Will an electric charger be your next gas station?

    If your next car is going to be electric, where you might “fill up” is a good and practical question that has to be resolved. There is evidence to suggest that fast charging at least shows promise as an interim strategy for some customers, perhaps as they wait a few years for home charging to be installed in apartment complexes, on curbsides, and in garages. And who knows, very fast charging stations may eventually prove to be the preferred permanent option for some EV owners, just as refueling at a public filling station is today.

  • Scott Pruitt’s EPA wants to resurrect the dirty diesel

    Additional NOx emissions from gliders under the Pruitt proposal would be 13 times what the impact of the Volkswagen fraud in the U.S. would have been had it gone undetected.

  • Glider industry petition in support of glider trucks debunks itself

    The summary of a "study" that the glider industry used to support its claim that EPA was wrong about how dirty gliders are is fingernails-on-a-chalkboard aggravating.

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