“These findings show that CO2 emissions from the new car fleet in Europe can be reduced even if the market share of diesel cars would continue to fall in future years. In fact, a transition from diesel cars to advanced gasoline technology and either hybrid or plug-in vehicles, including gasoline plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, would reduce the net costs of complying with a hypothetical 70 g/km CO2 standard for 2025.”

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Assesses where electric vehicles and their batteries are manufactured and sold, and the underlying policies in place to sustain growth in the new technology around the world.

2018.05.15 | White paper

Experimentally investigates the fuel consumption of a best-in-class tractor-trailer in the United States through chassis dynamometer and track testing.

2018.05.15 | Consultant report

Summarizes the results of a pioneering vehicle testing program aimed at comparing the fuel efficiency of selected tractor-trailers in Europe and the United States.

2018.05.15 | Briefing

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  • Deixado para trás: Brasil poderá ser o último grande mercado automotivo a adotar o padrão Euro VI

    O padrão P-8 equivalente ao Euro VI é uma das políticas públicas mais custo efetivas que o Brasil poderia adotar na luta contra a poluição dos ônibus e caminhões.

  • Left in the dust: Brazil might be the last major automotive market to adopt Euro VI standards

    Euro VI-equivalent standards are one of the most cost-effective public policies Brazil could adopt to address air pollution from buses and heavy-duty vehicles.

  • NOx technology breakthrough or media stunt to halt diesel’s demise?

    A new technology was recently announced that would solve the nitrogen oxide emission problem from diesel engines. But, is this really a new technological breakthrough?

  • Yes, your mother loves the flowers, but maybe not the cost of flying them in

    Around Mother’s Day, media outlets often publish articles about where the flowers we buy often originate and the extraordinary efforts taken to transport them to the U.S. How much jet fuel is burned importing the flowers and, in turn, how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted?

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