“[Passenger vehicle efficiency technology] costs continue to decrease, proving that previous estimates, including those made by the federal regulatory agencies, have been too conservative. . . . Including these latest efficiency developments, compliance costs for the adopted 2025 standards will be 34%–40% lower than projected in the latest U.S. midterm evaluation regulatory analysis.”

Efficiency technology and cost assessment
for U.S. 2025–2030 LDV

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Assesses the future costs of existing and emerging long‑haul tractor‑trailer technologies in China and the implications on efficiency and CO2 standards.

2019.03.12 | White paper

Examines the GHG benefits and costs of R134a and the three leading MAC alternatives—R744 (CO2) and R1234yf, both with GWP of 1, and R152a, with a GWP of 138—employing improved efficiency and low-leak systems, load reduction and powertrain...

2019.03.08 | White paper

Overview of emission reduction requirements in China’s national domestic emission control area

2019.03.04 | Policy update

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  • Novo processo licitatório poderia contribuir para ônibus sem fuligem e sem emissões em Campinas

    Um plano ambicioso para renovação e eletrificação da frota posicionaria a cidade como um líder regional para um transporte público mais limpo e sustentável

  • New concession bidding process could help soot-free and zero-emission buses in Campinas

    An ambitious fleet renewal and electrification plan would position the city as a regional leader on cleaner and more sustainable public transportation

  • IMO agrees that we can control black carbon emissions from ships. But will we?

    The International Maritime Organization agreed on 41 appropriate ways to reduce black carbon from ships and will consider potential black carbon control policies at the next Marine Environment Protection meeting

  • Turbulence ahead for the supersonic renaissance

    The Trump administration’s push to fast track supersonic development just had a mid-air collision with environmental realities.  Turbulent times lie ahead for commercial supersonic manufacturers.

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