“[Passenger vehicle efficiency technology] costs continue to decrease, proving that previous estimates, including those made by the federal regulatory agencies, have been too conservative. . . . Including these latest efficiency developments, compliance costs for the adopted 2025 standards will be 34%–40% lower than projected in the latest U.S. midterm evaluation regulatory analysis.”

Efficiency technology and cost assessment
for U.S. 2025–2030 LDV

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Statistical portrait of passenger car, light-commercial, and heavy-duty vehicle fleets in the European Union from 2001 to 2017

2018.12.05 | Report

Details on the latest measures that select European Union member states are taking to support advanced alternative fuels

2018.11.30 | Policy update

Assesses evidence for defining high and low indirect land-use change risk biofuel feedstocks in the European renewable fuel policy

2018.11.15 | Working paper

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  • Put soot-free transport in your NDC

    Soot-free transport will deliver black carbon reductions, which can help achieve the near-term cooling needed to meet a 1.5˚ C target. Climate negotiators in Poland this week ought to bring it into their climate action strategies.

  • Can India Leapfrog First-Generation Biofuels?

    India’s biofuel policy update discourages food-based fuels, focusing instead on increasing production of second-generation biofuels made from wastes and inedible energy crops.

  • What you don’t know can hurt you: European vacation edition

    Finding the lowest carbon flight for a specific trip is more complicated than simply choosing the most fuel-efficient carrier.

  • The low-ILUC loophole could allow business-as-usual palm oil imports for biodiesel in Europe

    The EC will will soon decide on criteria for classifying high- and low-risk indirect land use change (ILUC) biofuels under the RED II. If the Commission gets it right, this provision could make a positive difference without becoming a giant loophole.

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