“[Passenger vehicle efficiency technology] costs continue to decrease, proving that previous estimates, including those made by the federal regulatory agencies, have been too conservative. . . . Including these latest efficiency developments, compliance costs for the adopted 2025 standards will be 34%–40% lower than projected in the latest U.S. midterm evaluation regulatory analysis.”

Efficiency technology and cost assessment
for U.S. 2025–2030 LDV

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Analysis of subnational level policy actions promoting electric vehicle sales in 30 Chinese cities.

2018.10.18 | White paper

Summarizes ICCT research on the 2050 potential for low-carbon renewable methane in the EU

2018.10.16 | Briefing

Sustainable renewable methane can make a small contribution to decarbonizing the EU energy economy but can deliver stronger GHG reductions in the power sector compared to heating and transport.

2018.10.16 | Working paper

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  • Is the Renewable Fuel Standard enough to spur progress in advanced biofuels? Probably not.

    Government grant and loan guarantees, not the Renewable Fuel Standard, have been essential in spurring progress in the cellulosic biofuel industry.

  • Bioenergy can solve some of our climate problems, but not all of them at once

    Bioenergy has become a popular decarbonization strategy to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. However, even if bioenergy production is maximized, competition across industry sectors is high.

  • The hardest part of cellulosic biofuels in India might be collecting the rice straw

    A new policy in India aims promote cellulosic biofuel production from sustainable feedstocks, something no other country has managed to do. Can the country succeed?

  • Death, taxes, and supersonic aircraft? Considering what’s certain, and what isn’t, under the FAA Reauthorization Act

    Despite a nod to supersonic aircraft in the new FAA reauthorization, CO2 and noise standards are still uncertain.

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