“[Passenger vehicle efficiency technology] costs continue to decrease, proving that previous estimates, including those made by the federal regulatory agencies, have been too conservative. . . . Including these latest efficiency developments, compliance costs for the adopted 2025 standards will be 34%–40% lower than projected in the latest U.S. midterm evaluation regulatory analysis.”

Efficiency technology and cost assessment
for U.S. 2025–2030 LDV

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Analysis of the market for new commercial trailers in the European Union in terms of sales by country, manufacturer, and trailer type and a survey of fuel-saving technologies.

2018.09.24 | White paper

Analysis of the extension of the current CO2 certification procedure for heavy-duty vehicles, to also include trailers

2018.09.24 | Working paper

New standards to reduce emissions from new on-road heavy-duty vehicles is part of Canada’s economy-wide commitment to reduce GHG emissions 30% by 2030.

2018.09.21 | Policy update

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  • Certifying emissions from non-emitting transport: Trailers and the proposed HDV standards in the EU

    Trailers are a key component of the freight transportation system, and although they do not emit CO2 of their own, they can provide a substantial contribution to curbing CO2 emissions from long-haul transportation.

  • Why efficiency technology still matters in China

    Until BEVs are able to meet the needs of mainstream vehicle market in China, manufacturers are continuing to develop advanced efficiency technologies for use in conventional vehicles. 

  • EPA sets a first in accurately accounting for GHG emissions from waste biofuel feedstocks

    In a rule released last month, EPA became the first regulatory body to accurately account for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from displacing waste, residue, and byproduct biofuel feedstocks from pre-existing uses.

  • Sowing confusion on the European Commission’s proposal for truck CO2 standards

    The European Automobile Manufacturers Association's critique of the European Commission's proposal for regulating CO2 emissions from heavy trucks is an unpalatable dish concocted from dubious ingredients.

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