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Stephanie Searle

Stephanie Searle

Works out of: Washington, DC
Started w/ ICCT in: 2011

Stephanie Searle is a researcher in the ICCT's Fuels program. Her current work focuses on biofuels, including the global potential for sustainable bioenergy production and indirect land use change emissions. She holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and a B.A. in environmental science from Columbia University in New York.

Recent Work

  • Wasted: Europe's untapped resource



    There is a substantial untapped resource available in Europe of unused cellulosic wastes and residues. The technology exists to convert these biomass resources into advanced biofuels, with the technical potential to substitute up to 16% of European road transport fuel by 2030 while delivering greenhouse gas savings of 60% or more.

  • A reassessment of global bioenergy potential in 2050

    Working paper


    Published in the journal GCB Bioenergy, this paper examines widely cited studies estimating future bioenergy potential and finds that some assumptions for parameters including crop yields, land availability, and costs are inconsistent with the best available evidence.

  • Will energy crop yields meet expectations?

    Working paper


    Published in Biomass and Bioenergy, this paper reviews the literature on yields of 5 major potential energy crops, concludes that the rate of yield increase is likely to be slower than historically has been achieved for cereals.