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Hui He
Senior Policy Analyst / China Co-Lead
Sarah Keller
Communications & Operations Associate
Anastasia Kharina
Aviation Program Associate
Irene Kwan
Aviation Program Associate
Ray Minjares
Climate and Health Lead

From the ICCT Blogs

On the precautionary principle and heavy fuel oil in the Arctic
A spill in the Arctic of similar proportion to the one in the Houston Ship Channel in March would be catastrophic, given the limited response capabilities, the distances involved, and other factors. The time to address that risk is before one happens, not after.
Staff Blog
New thinking on natural gas trucks from the National Research Council
The NRC report's call for natural gas-specific vehicle standards seems to have no precedent globally in any vehicle greenhouse gas emission or efficiency regulation. Pragmatically, what options would EPA and NHTSA have to follow the NRC's recommendation?
Staff Blog
The National Research Council weighs in on heavy truck trailers
And we’re glad to note that the report’s conclusions are congruent with ours.
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