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Sarah Keller
Communications & Operations Associate
Irene Kwan
Aviation Program Associate
Ray Minjares
Clean Air Lead
Rachel Muncrief
Heavy-Duty Vehicles Lead

From the ICCT Blogs

What the NRC report on LDV technologies does and doesn't add to the debate in the run up to the US CAFE 2025 standard midterm evaluation
Convincing support for the agencies' initial analysis, that could have pushed its conclusions even further.
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Cleaning up big trucks to deliver a cleaner future
Tractor trailers and other medium and heavy trucks are the hard working giants of the American highway. They are also a disproportionately large part of our nation's carbon footprint.
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5 numbers you need to know about the proposed U.S. truck efficiency rule
It's a complex proposal, and will take some time to fully digest, but some of the highlights regarding the complexity, the technology improvements, and the benefits are immediately clear. Here is the gist of the rule in five numbers.
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