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Hui He
Senior Policy Analyst / China Co-Lead
Sarah Keller
Senior Associate, Strategic Communications
Ray Minjares
Clean Air Lead
Rachel Muncrief
Heavy-Duty Vehicles Lead

From the ICCT Blogs

2015 Global electric vehicle trends: Which markets are up (the most)
The state of the EV market in 2015: Countries with relatively high EV sales, as a percentage of new vehicle sales, remained high while others with lower EV sales were still catching up.
Staff Blog
The emissions test defeat device problem in Europe is not about VW
The methods used by other manufacturers to tell when a vehicle is not on a test cycle may differ from VW's, but they are still improperly reducing the effectiveness of emission controls in the real world.
Staff Blog
What the Senate missed in counting forest bioenergy emissions
Using whole trees for biomass is not going to be an effective climate mitigation strategy. It’s clear that proper carbon accounting is needed for all biomass pathways, and EPA should be allowed to follow the best available science in determining the greenhouse gas impact of any bioenergy feedstock.
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