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With the Biofrontiers project, the European Climate Foundation seeks to bring together stakeholders from industry and civil society to explore the conditions under which supply-chains for advanced biofuels for transport may be developed in a sustainable manner. The project builds on work carried out in 2013–2014 on waste and residue-based feedstocks for advanced biofuels. (For a survey of that work, see Wasted: Europe's untapped resource.) Biofrontiers will also place a new focus on land-using feedstocks and novel fuel technologies.

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Assessing the profitability of growing dedicated energy versus food crops in four European countries
Assesses the potential for energy crops to displace food crops in four countries in Europe and evaluates the relative profitability of these crops compared to existing food crops.
Working paper
Understanding options for ILUC mitigation
Surveys the existing literature on methodologies related to the certification of low ILUC biofuel projects through different measures. It also assesses the potential challenges, risks, and loopholes that could arise from the use...
Working paper
Biofrontiers: Responsible innovation for tomorrow's liquid fuels
Based on more than a year of exchanges, this synthesis report presents five recommendations for a 2030 European policy for transport fuels regarding sustainability, carbon-intensity, incentives, competing uses and innovation.
Consulting report

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