Job Postings


Researcher, Green Freight

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time researcher on green freight issues.

Forscher/in, Elektromobilität in Europa

Das ICCT-Büro in Berlin bietet eine Stelle für eine/n Forscher/in mit Interesse an Elektrofahrzeugen.

PV/EV Researcher, Berlin

Seeking a qualified, highly self-motivated person to research the EU vehicle market and the role of electric vehicles in reducing emissions.

China Clean Air Researcher

Seeking a Researcher to contribute to our highly influential research to reduce emissions from heavy duty and other vehicles in China.

Managing Editor

Seeking an experienced publications professional to join the communications team in our Washington, DC, office.


From the ICCT Blogs

End of Crystal Serenity’s voyage spotlights way to ban toxic fuel in Arctic
With Arctic shipping expected to rise, there may be an argument that communities in the Arctic ought to be protected from ship emissions just like the rest of the continent. Though it’s an open issue whether the Arctic will win protection from pollution by ships.
Staff Blog
Black carbon: Bringing the heat to the Arctic
On her 32-day voyage through the Northwest Passage, the Crystal Serenity probably emitted a bit more than 1 metric ton of black carbon, a climate forcer about 3200 times more powerful than CO2—and in the Arctic, pretty much the worst place possible.
Staff Blog
A world of thoughts on Phase 2
Regulatory action to address CO2 emissions and fuel use from heavy-duty vehicles is accelerating around the world. With that in mind, we've been keeping an eye on how the Phase 2 announcement has been covered in markets outside the U.S.
Staff Blog