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Forscher/in, Elektromobilität in Europa

Das ICCT-Büro in Berlin bietet eine Stelle für eine/n Forscher/in mit Interesse an Elektrofahrzeugen.

PV/EV Researcher, Berlin

Seeking a qualified, highly self-motivated person to research the EU vehicle market and the role of electric vehicles in reducing emissions.

China Clean Air Researcher

Seeking a Researcher to contribute to our highly influential research to reduce emissions from heavy duty and other vehicles in China.

Managing Editor

Seeking an experienced publications professional to join the communications team in our Washington, DC, office.

Program Associate, Aviation

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time Aviation Program Associate supporting research to identify, refine, and promote policies to reduce the environmental impacts of commercial aviation. 

From the ICCT Blogs

Is the EPA setting biodiesel mandates too high?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is setting mandates for biomass-based diesel unsustainably high, based on our research.
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Truck trailers in the U.S.: Leading from behind
With the Phase 2 regulation, trailers in the U.S. become the first in the world to be regulated based on their impact on fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. 
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The power of vehicle taxation schemes
Changing the vehicle taxation scheme in Turkey from one based on engine displacement to one that uses CO2 emissions as the underlying metric would help to overcome the current market hurdle for low-emission vehicles.
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