Job Postings


Program Associate, Aviation

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time Aviation Program Associate supporting research to identify, refine, and promote policies to reduce the environmental impacts of commercial aviation. 

China Internship, 2016-2017

Seeking an intern in our Beijing office from late 2016 to late 2017 to support our China office staff on various transportation efficiency and clean air projects. 

Researcher, Green Freight

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time researcher on green freight issues.

China Clean Air Researcher

Seeking a Researcher to contribute to our highly influential research to reduce emissions from heavy duty and other vehicles in China.

Managing Editor

Seeking an experienced publications professional to join the communications team in our Washington, DC, office.

From the ICCT Blogs

The latest paper by the Center for Automotive Research is not what it thinks it is
The whole report rests on a false premise about the costs of meeting the standards. And whether that reflects a lack of "objectivity" or something else, it renders the report completely unreliable as an analysis of the employment impacts of the CAFE/GHG standards.
Staff Blog
Leapfrogging an outdated standard puts India on par with global leaders in control of vehicle emissions
The adoption of Bharat Stage VI emission standards will significantly reduce air pollutant emissions from vehicles sold in India beginning in 2020. However, changes in the final rule notification will cause 3 years additional delay of truly world-class emission standards compared with the initial proposal.
Staff Blog
Brother, can you spare three cents (for the climate)?
A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that the ICAO agreement would entail the aviation industry paying about three cents on the dollar of its climate damages from 2021 to 2035.
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