Job Postings


Senior Researcher, Electric Vehicles

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated expert to join us as a Senior Researcher to develop and manage research projects on advanced vehicle technologies and policies that impact their deployment.

Program Associate, Aviation

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time Aviation Program Associate supporting research to identify, refine, and promote policies to reduce the environmental impacts of commercial aviation. 

China Internship, 2016-2017

Seeking an intern in our Beijing office from late 2016 to late 2017 to support our China office staff on various transportation efficiency and clean air projects. 

Researcher, Green Freight

Seeking a highly committed, self-motivated person to join us as a full-time researcher on green freight issues.

China Clean Air Researcher

Seeking a Researcher to contribute to our highly influential research to reduce emissions from heavy duty and other vehicles in China.

From the ICCT Blogs

The next generation of electric vehicles is on the way
Electric vehicle metrics like range and cost are expected to continue to dramatically improve over the next few years as the next-generation technology emerges. In turn, these cost reductions will enable competitive pricing for high-volume mainstream markets.
Staff Blog
Adding to the pile of evidence: Recent on-road testing results for CO2 and exhaust emissions from Euro 6 light-duty vehicles in the EU
Summarizes the Emissions Analytics testing on nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates, both of which pose significant health problems, and CO2 which is vehicles' main contribution to climate pollution.
Staff Blog
Mapping U.S. electric vehicle markets and public policy
Consumer subsidies, charging infrastructure, non-financial incentives, model availability, and outreach and awareness activities across the 50 most populous metro areas as we near the end of a politically eventful year for electric vehicles in the United States.
Staff Blog