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A critique of soil carbon assumptions used in ILUC modeling

Recent estimates of land use change emissions vary widely, in part due to differences in assumptions on soil carbon. In this report, we review a recent meta-analysis on soil carbon changes with land...
Published 2016.06.13: Publication

A Guide for the Perplexed to the Indirect Effects of Biofuels Production

Over the past decade, the concept of indirect land use change (ILUC) has come from obscurity to become a primary concern for biofuels policy. In the U.S., the Renewable Fuel Standard and California'...
Published 2014.09.04: Publication

GCB Bioenergy paper: European biofuel policy will fail to deliver unless ‘iLUC factors’ are added

A new ICCT study, in the journal ‘Global Change Biology: Bioenergy’, shows that without modification the existing EU biofuels mandate is likely to fail in its goal of reducing CO2 emissions from...
Published 2012.10.05: Publication

Historical Analysis and Projection of Oil Palm Plantation Expansion on Peatland in Southeast Asia

This study demonstrates that the area of industrial oil palm (OP) plantations in the peatlands of insular Southeast Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia, except the Papua Provinces) has increased...
Published 2012.02.22: Publication

Review of peat surface greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations in Southeast Asia

Growth in palm oil production has been a key component of meeting growing global demand for vegetable oil, including for biodiesel, over recent decades. This growth has been accompanied by mounting...
Published 2011.10.04: Publication

Empirical evidence on crop elasticities

This technical note addresses an important empirical issue in the study of biofuels and indirect land use. Incremental crops used by the biofuel industry are provided by some combination of...
Published 2011.09.22: Publication