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CARB: Proposed Modifications to CA’s Zero Emission Vehicle Program

On December 7, 2011 the California Air Resources Board (ARB) staff released a staff report outlining proposed modifications to the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program as part of the Advanced Clean...
Published 2011.12.27: Publication

Improving Tyre Energy Efficiency: Ed Pike and Anup Bandivadekar

From the December 2011/ January 2012 issue of Polymers and Tyre Asia. Reproduced with permission. Better Energy Use: Improving Tyre Energy Efficiency
Published 2011.12.19: News

Cartogram: Passenger car markets and carbon emissions in the EU

The two cartograms below depict the relative size in 2010 of the new passenger car markets in the Member States of the European Union, and their relative average new car carbon emissions.[1] The...Two cartograms showing the relative size in 2010 of new passenger car markets in the EU member states, and their relative average new vehicle carbon emissions.
Published 2011.12.15: Blog Post

California Air Resources Board Proposed Regulation - Clean Fuels Outlet

Over half of California’s 2050 passenger vehicle fleet will need to be powered by fuel cell vehicles in order to meet California’s goal of reducing passenger vehicle emissions by 80% in 2050,...Over half of California’s 2050 passenger vehicle fleet will need to be powered by fuel cell vehicles in order to meet California’s goal of reducing passenger vehicle emissions by 80% in 2050,...
Published 2011.12.15: Blog Post

ICCT comments on Australia's light vehicle CO2 emission standards discussion paper

ICCT comments on Australia's light vehicle CO2 emission standards discussion paper
Published 2011.12.15: News

Inertia classes, vehicle emissions tests, and the dead hand of the past

Test procedures are a key feature of any system of regulating vehicle emissions. Vehicle emissions testing* involves running a vehicle on a chassis dynamometer, which (among other things) simulates...The current system of using inertia classes for vehicle emissions testing is an anachronism, kept in place by force of habit rather than force of logic. And it has the bad effect of allowing...
Published 2011.12.09: Blog Post

Comments: Reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles

Comments in response to the European Commission consultation document on reducing CO2 emissions from road vehicles, December 2011. View on Scribd
Published 2011.12.09: News

Transportation roadmap

Well-vetted data and analysis are keys to putting transportation and environmental policy on a sound foundation globally. Policymakers need access to robust findings on the costs and benefits of...
Published 2011.12.02: Landing Page

Overturning conventional wisdom on aircraft efficiency trends

Conventional wisdom has it that commercial aviation produces continuous improvements in efficiency by quickly adopting fuel-efficient technologies and designs as a natural response to fuel prices. As...Fuel prices alone have not produced consistent improvements in aircraft efficiency, and improvements in fuel efficiency due to the introduction of new aircraft have decreased over time.
Published 2011.12.01: Blog Post

Sustainable Management of Two- and Three-Wheelers in Asia

The large share of two- and three-wheelers in Asian countries pose significant challenges to air-quality, public health and road safety. Emission standards and technologies that have been applied for...
Published 2011.11.30: Publication

“Das lukrative Geschäft mit Chinas Smog und Abgasen”

Interesting piece in Die Welt on the market opportunities that German parts manufacturers specializing in emissions control equipment see in China's vehicle standards. ICCT chair Michael Walsh is...
Published 2011.11.30: News

UK: Draft RTFO amendment order

The UK's Department for Transport last week laid in Parliament the draft order to implement the road-transport biofuel elements of the European Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive (...
Published 2011.11.28: News

Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery: Evaluation of the ORVR Program in the United States

Over the last ten years, ORVR has been successfully implemented in the US. A review of ORVR efficiency and penetration conducted by EPA demonstrated a high degree of efficiency and reliability on...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

An Introduction to Petroleum Refining and the Production of Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoline and Diesel Fuel

This is the first work product of a comprehensive analysis of the economics of ULSG and ULSD production and supply in Brazil, China, India, and Mexico, being conducted by HART Energy and MathPro Inc...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

Estimating Displacement Ratios of Wheat DDGS in Animal Feed Rations in Great Britain

Much previous work on this subject has been based on simple assessments of the comparative protein and energy content of distillers’ grains. In reality, however, livestock diets are formulated based...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

Indirect land use change in Europe (considering the policy options)

The European Commission is mandated by the Renewable Energy and Fuel Quality Directives to recommend a specific methodology to deal with indirect land use change, if deemed appropriate based on the...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

IFPRI-MIRAGE 2011 modeling of indirect land use change

The key points relevant to the ongoing biofuel policy discussion: European biofuels mandates are likely to cause significant indirect land use change emissions. IFPRI calculates an average for the...
Published 2011.11.22: Publication

Best Practices for Fuel Quality Inspection Programs

Controlling the composition of vehicle fuel can reduce pollutant emissions from combustion and enable the use of advanced emission control technologies. Achieving best-practice vehicle emission...
Published 2011.11.18: Publication

Links: EPA and NHTSA joint NPRM for 2017-2025 LDV standards

Yesterday the EPA and NHTSA issued the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for the 2017-2025 fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards. The proposal seems to hew closely to the supplemental notice...
Published 2011.11.17: News

Fleet distribution statistics for new LCVs in the EU in 2010

  This paper provides aggregated statistics for the fleet of new light-commercial vehicles in the EU for the year 2010. Light-commercial vehicles are defined as vehicles primarily intended for the...
Published 2011.11.16: Publication