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The state of clean transport policy: A 2014 synthesis of vehicle and fuel policy developments

This report summarizes advances in national and international regulations intended to reduce energy use, mitigate climate change, and control air pollution from motor vehicles and fuels across...
Published 2014.12.23: Publication

Low oil prices, high time to move off of diesel subsidies

As markets around the world adjust to the decline in global oil prices, there is at least one positive outcome for clean transportation: dropping prices have helped the governments of India and... Indonesia has an opportunity to smoothly transition to more ambitious reforms of its fuel subsidy system. From a public health standpoint, the best course would be to eliminate subsidies entirely...
Published 2014.12.23: Blog Post

[Boletín de prensa] La nueva propuesta de norma de emisiones de vehículos pesados muestra que en México se tienen visión y liderazgo para contar con estándares de clase mundial

[22 de Diciembre, 2014]—México se posiciona a la vanguardia en Latinoamérica y por delante de otros mercados mundiales en crecimiento con la nueva norma propuesta por la SEMARNAT para regular las...
Published 2014.12.22: News

Regulaciones sobre emisiones de vehículos pesados en México

En Diciembre 1, 2014, COMARNAT, el comité nacional regulador de la Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT), aprobó una propuesta de actualización realizada por SEMARNAT a los...
Published 2014.12.22: Publication

[Press release] Mexico’s new world-class heavy-duty vehicle emission standards show vision and leadership

[December 22, 2014]—The achievement by Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in proposing new heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards, aligned with standards in place...
Published 2014.12.22: News

Mexico heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards

On December 1, 2014, COMARNAT, the national regulatory committee of Mexico's Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), approved a proposed update by SEMARNAT to existing emissions...
Published 2014.12.22: Publication

Accounting Manager

Position Description This is a dynamic position for an individual capable of wearing many hats. The finance and operations team consists of a Director of Finance and Operations, a Communications and...
Published 2014.12.18: Job Posting

Proposed Saudi Arabia CAFE standard for new LDVs 2016-2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) announced new light-duty vehicle (LDV) fuel economy standards in November 2014. The proposed standards apply to all new and used passenger vehicles and light trucks...
Published 2014.12.18: Publication

More efficient new Ford F150: A shift from the old horsepower wars?

Ford released the official fuel economy label values for the 2015 aluminum-body Ford F150 this week and the general response from the media was disappointment. But Ford had much broader goals in mind... Ford has clearly done something very special technologically. Whether it will be the game-changer many expected in terms of increased efficiency remains unclear.
Published 2014.12.16: Blog Post

Passenger Vehicles & India Programs Internship 2015

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has an immediate opening for an intern to support the Passenger Vehicles program, with particular relevance to issues in India. The primary...
Published 2014.12.16: Job Posting

Passenger Vehicle Program Internship 2015

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is offering a paid internship opportunity located in either our Washington, DC or San Francisco, CA (preferred location) office to work with...
Published 2014.12.16: Job Posting

Opportunities to reduce vehicle emissions in Jakarta

Jakarta’s expanding fleet of motor vehicles is a key target of urgently needed actions to curb the city’s dangerous air pollution. This briefing paper highlights technologies and policies to reduce...
Published 2014.12.10: Publication

Heavy-duty vehicle diesel engine efficiency evaluation and energy audit

A main input for vehicle efficiency simulation tools is a fuel consumption map that characterizes the efficiency of the engine at its various operational points. This work provides a complete engine...
Published 2014.12.10: Publication

Could ICAO’s CO2 Standard Not Actually Cover Any Aircraft? Yes, If Nobody’s Watching

As our series of rankings show, in the four years 2010-2013 the gap between the most and least fuel-efficient airlines on U.S. domestic operations has not closed at all. Furthermore, under business-... A big question for ICAO now is whether a standard will apply to all new aircraft, or only to new designs certified after the expected application date of January 1, 2020. The answer will make a huge...
Published 2014.12.09: Blog Post

[Press release] Saudi Arabia joins major economies in increasing auto efficiency

[December 5, 2014]—On November 16, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced a historic fuel efficiency standard for new light duty vehicles. The proposed standard will apply to Model Years 2016 through...
Published 2014.12.05: News

U.S. airline fleets due for renewal

One of the main takeaways from our 2013 U.S. airline fuel efficiency ranking is that overall U.S. domestic airlines showed no year-to-year improvement in fuel efficiency. That is not surprising. In... If the U.S. aviation sector is going to meet its 2020 carbon-neutral growth goal, airline efficiency improvements via new aircraft and engine technology will have to increase sharply from their...
Published 2014.12.05: Blog Post

2016 Fellowship Position at ICCT Europe

Are you a young scientist or engineer? Are you interested in taking on a fascinating research project related to transportation and climate change? Are you from a developing country? Are you...
Published 2014.12.05: Job Posting

2015 Passenger Vehicle Internship - Berlin

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) is a non-profit organization founded to provide first-rate, unbiased research and technical and scientific analysis to environmental...
Published 2014.12.05: Job Posting

Road transport in the EU Emissions Trading System: An engineering perspective

The introduction of mandatory CO2 standards for passenger cars in the European Union led to a significant decrease in the level of CO2 emissions for new vehicles, and increased deployment of vehicle...
Published 2014.12.04: Publication

Improving the conversions between the various passenger vehicle fuel economy/CO2 emission standards around the world

Most governments of countries (or, in the case of the European Union, regions) with large auto markets regulate passenger vehicle fuel efficiency or CO2 emissions (essentially the same thing, since... We've updated our comparison of passenger vehicle fuel-efficiency standards worldwide, improving the test cycle conversion factors used to translate the standard values among the different...
Published 2014.12.03: Blog Post